Thursday, January 10, 2008

Finished at last!

I got very behind in my DOM cards. I was finally able to finish them up today! The dates are not accurate on the cards but rather reflect when the card should have been done! My date stamp years end at 2007 so I couldn't do 2008 and didn't want to write it in. You can view the entire collection by clicking on the link in the side bar.

Week 45 Self-realization
Week 46 Rejuvenate

Week 47 Your happy place

Week 48 Ideas

Week 49 Time Flies

Week 50 The Greatest Gift

Week 51 Reminded me of you

Week 52 Art

I love when a project is complete. I enjoyed working on the cards each week and I will miss the little challenges but I love having the completed cards all on the book ring hanging in my craft room. I enjoy the creative process but I also really like to sit back and look at what I've accomplished. Now I need to finish up some last details on Owen's first year album and that will be complete too!

Tonight I have my book club meeting. It's always fun to get together and discuss a book and chat about whatever. I've also got a special little something for each of the girls and some articles to share that I found for each of them. Well, two articles. One for my friend who is looking into preschools and the other is for Maggie, Lori, and Nikki to read and then pass on to someone at school who may need it. It's about keeping this short and sweet!


Maureen said...

great cards. Its a great feeling when a project is complete isn't it

jill said...

your cards turned out great. i'm sure the end product is a great keepsake :)

Noelia said...

Awesome cards Heather! You did a fine job finishing those weekly cards! I can't believe it's been an entire year already!