Friday, January 18, 2008

Craft room peek...

Renee asked for a look-see of my shelf. So here are a few photos of my work table in my craft room.

The shelf above the table is 48" long and 8"deep. I bought a plain board at Lowe's and painted it with some light green paint and them mounted it with simple white brackets. The whole deal cost like $8. The hardest part was mounting it to the wall by myself while keeping it level!

This is the rod and cups I got at Ikea the other day. The rod was $1.99 and the cups were 99¢ each. I think it's about 15" long but I'm not sure. There was one that was double or so the length of this one too.

And here is Owen playing in his tent last night. I love it when I upload pictures and find that Morgan has actually taken some!

Morgan always talks about learning to use the camera. And I wish he would. But I wish he'd read some of the baby/child rearing books we have too. He's bringing home the bacon though so I can't complain. The funny thing about the camera is that before he was doing what he does now he was a newspaper reporter and photographer. At one paper he wrote, photographed, and edited. It's not like he can't take a picture!


miranda said...

He was hilarious in that tent yesterday. And the hair..too funny for me!

Dana said...

awwwww your little one is getting so big. He is too tootin cute. Love your scraproom. Dana

Noelia said...

Thanks for sharing your work desk! Seems like we've both been working on organizing our scrap spaces lately. I love your new cups from IKEA, I've never seen those before. I immediately spotted your paper trimmer on your desk. That is EXACTLY the one I'm buying at M's with my GC and my 40% coupon. How do you like it?
Cute pic of Owen in his tent. Hopefully Morgan will use the camera more often. Dan doesn't take pictures...nada, zero!
Have a good weekend :)

Aimeslee said...

Hey girlie, wow your work space is so neat compared to my disaster. I hear ya about getting the shelf level, I hate doing that.