Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Random life...

Today's post is a mish mash of stuff going on in my life right now.

This is a collage I finished last night. It's 12x16 and hangs on the bathroom wall above the toilet. Which I think is sort of funny because it's viewed most often by Morgan! First are details and then the full painting.

I am my own worst critic. I don't like the flowers on the side. And when I applied the gel medium to seal it the ink from the text stamp I used on the bottom had not dried completely (or at all!) and it smeared. I tried to let this go but it's still bothering me. And I'd like laugh to be bigger. But Morgan said I need to be happy that I did it and completed it and now I can move on and make another one that I might like better.

Today I had an apple. Not a big deal. But I just thought it was a beautiful apple. Golden Delicious. What a good name for an apple.

This is a lime bunny. Not a real lime. My uncle gave it to me for Christmas. It makes me happy when I see it.

Today we started our Toddler Class. I'm trying to just call it school since I was so used to calling it baby class and Owen is not a baby anymore. This is the artwork they created. Of course we would paint on the first day of class! Especially since I had dressed Owen in a nice sweater! He did well though and we only got paint on our fingers. He was a bit apprehensive about the class at first. I think he views change similar to how I view it. Scary! But once he saw his familiar classmates and fun stuff to do and play with he was okay. And I was too!

Today the postal carrier rang the door bell which can only mean that the mail won't fit in the box. Which also means it's good mail! And it was! Noelia sent me this Ansel Adams calendar. I love it! It's a perfect size. Not to big, not to small and has lots of space for writing stuff. Thank you Noelia!
The challenge for today from Maureen is: Is there something you have seen with CHA release previews that you can not wait to get your hands on.....

I think that would be the Crop-a-dile Big Bite. It actually came out on the Home Shopping Network earlier this month but I don't have that channel and I didn't know you could just go to the site and buy stuff (probably good I didn't know that!) so I didn't get one. But I found out about it from my friend Lisa, the enabler, and now I feel it should be mine. I love my regular CAD. I punch stuff just to see what I can punch through. I'm waiting for Morgan to get fat or skinny so I can punch a few holes in his belts because it should be able to do it like butta! EDITED::: Ginger Kitty posted a link to the Cosmo Cricket Blog where I viewed their new stuff. AND I have to have ALL OF IT! Thanks GK! Really, if you've not seen their stuff, check it out. So cute! And this release will be great for boy pages.

The other cool thing I saw on the CHA website was some kit thing that you can make your own acrylic stamps. I didn't look at the website but I think that would be cool. There's always new paper and embellishments but I need those like a hole in the head. Whatever Basic Grey or Cosmo Cricket comes out with I'm sure I'll need!

Lastly, a little thing that has been on my mind. I took Owen to the doctor last week because he sort of walks differently. He drags his right toes a bit and his foot turns in slightly. He also is clearly left-handed and up until recently didn't use his right had as much as I thought or the books said he should be. So we wanted our doctor to check him and see what she thought. She watched him walk and grab things and asked me questions about his birth and check his muscle tone and flexibility. She then told me she didn't think there was anything wrong like a disorder or something but she wanted to have an MRI done and have us see a pediatric neurologist to be sure there aren't any cognitive reasons this may be happening. Which is the part that has been on my mind. Owen will have to be sedated to have the MRI done. He is after all 21 months old and won't go through a snug tube and stay still! My mom asked me all kinds of questions about it and if I asked the doctor those things and of course I didn't ask her a thing! I just shook my head and agreed and basically acted like a deer in headlights. My mom looked at me and said, "Heather, you went to college for 8 years! You are supposed to be a critical thinker!" Yep, I am. And I taught others how to do that too! But I guess I just froze up. And to be honest, I think it's what I wanted to hear, now that I've had time to think about it. I am worried about how it will go for Owen. I don't want him to be scared. I don't want him to be sedated or have to have an IV to do that. I'd rather do it for him. But I can't. And I need to know that he's okay. Or if he's not. And I trust this doctor. She's the one who thought Morgan's chest pain was a PE and she was right. Maybe she is a bit of an alarmist. But so am I. She's the one who wanted Owen to have a heart scan done when he turned blue. He turned out to be fine and the cardiologist said sometimes kids do that. But we also know he doesn't have the mitrovalve prolapse that Morgan has. Morgan and I have discussed this and weighed the options and decided we have to give Owen the best care we can and in the end regardless of what other people think, we have to decide. Being a parent is hard.


jp said...

It sure is hard being a parent, especially when you're worried about a child's health. You're doing the right thing having Owen checked out so you can rest easier. And if there is something that needs to be treated, you're getting on top of it right away! You're being a good mom! :-)

Aimeslee said...

I really like your canvas art piece! And I think everything about it is just right, too. I lay the same trip on myself, but it helps when I say, well, I will just make another one then. And then I'm okay and no I never make another one. LOL

I also like Owen's art. How in the world did he get those smudge dots so aligned? It actually could be scrapbook paper!

Ugh, I don't envy you, Mom. Reminds me of when I took Missy for that PKU blood draw #2...it was so soon after having her, I still couldn't drive yet. And when I found out they were going to prick her foot, I burst into tears. Almost did not let them. And I might do the same today, too. LOL It is so hard to be tough enough to do what's in their best interest, no matter how much it hurts both of you.

That's what a good parent does, tho. Just think if he did develop something wrong and you had not done this test, and then it's too late to correct it. Then, how would you feel? That's how I run it on these things...

Aimeslee said...

OH! I forgot to also say I have been thinking about you ever since this morning when I turned on the weather and saw that 41 below in Minneapolis! That is just crazy, beyond my comprehension! Was that right? Maybe I had dyslexia, but dang, 14 below is plenty nuts, too!


Linda said...

I like how your canvas came out, so pretty.

I hope all goes well with Owen. You are doing the right thing. I would do the same thing in your situation.

Noelia said...

I think your canvas is lovely and so are so photos and that cute little lime mouse thingy.
I can only imagine how hard it must be on you and Morgan to have to make such decision in Owen's best interests. Hopefully it's nothing but keep us posted.

Rachel Whetzel said...

Love all the yummy stuff you showed, but that bunny is THE BEST.