Wednesday, March 14, 2007


there will be naps without crying. RIGHT?? Someone please, please tell me he will start napping without all this crying. He used to go to sleep without fussing. Now it seems he's fussing more and more. Is it because he is so much more mobile and busy? Or is it because I am just so darn interesting and fascinating!? I just want him to fall alseep without crying and take a good restful nap! Luckily he only fussed for a few minutes this afternoon. This morning it was a bit longer but he did take a nap! Last night he was fussing after we put him down at bedtime. So Morgan went in and got him out!!! First of all, he hardly ever fusses at bedtime. And second, we don't get him up unless he's really upset! I can understand why he did it though. Owen will stand at the rail of the crib and cry and look sooo sad! It's hard to leave him like that. So last night I took him back up and read him another story and rocked him until he fell asleep and Morgan heated up the mattress so when I put him down it was toasty. Sometimes that cold sheet can be a shock! I would not normally do this but I wanted him to go to sleep! And he did and he slept until 7am! My mom told me shortly after Owen was born that the one thing you can count on with children is that they will always change. Schedule, routine, mood, clothes. You name it, they change it. These were not the words of wisdom I wanted to hear. I am not a fan of change. Clothes, yes. As long as they are comfortable. But routines and schedules and diapers. Nope. Not a fan of that kind of change. And the funny thing about that is I could roll with it as a teacher. I was very flexible and accomodating and did my best to work with the change. But outside of that I am not a fan of change.

Speaking of change... we are taking a road trip this weekend to Kansas. Why are you going to Kansas??? You may ask. Well, my sister-in-law and her crew live there. Morgan's twin sister. And Morgan's parents are going to be there for six days, beginning today. Yes, they've only seen Owen twice in his life. And they are going to Kansas. Morgan's brother and his family (who live here) are not going. And there will not be a lot of gifts or snow. But other than that it's going to Christmas all over again. I'm trying to keep a positive attitude. It will only be for a couple of days. They will be in their own house. But we have to drive 7 plus hours to get there. With Owen in the car seat! I frequently underestimate Owen's patience and flexibility. He is not like me when it comes to that. He is much more even tempered. But after 5 years of marriage these situations frequently turn out the same. Just not fun. Sucky. But it is warmer there and maybe there will be some hints of spring!

And speaking of car seats... the other night while I was at work Morgan called. It was about 7:30pm. When he calls me at work past say 6, I get a little freaked out and always expect him to say they are in the emergency room. There is no reason for this. I just have a fear and I worry a lot. And I knew he was somewhere because his cell came up on my phone. He says to me that he did something stupid. Not that Morgan does a lot of stupid stuff but I was not surprised by the statement. He gets lost a lot and things like that. Just more of a free spirit than I am. So anyway... he says he locked his keys in the car. I said okay. Where are you? And then he says AND OWEN IS IN THE CAR. Excuse me?? Owen is IN the car?? Yes. Owen is IN the car! I was exactly 12 miles away. Still in the office. I was just finishing up my work for the evening so I was getting ready to leave anyway. He called me back and said he called the cops and asked if they unlocked cars and the dispatcher said no, he'd have to call a locksmith. Then he asked if it made a difference if his son was in the car. Yes, she said, it did. So they sent the Community Service Officers. He called and told me this but I was already on my way. I drove from my office to the grocery store in 15 minutes. It's a 12 mile drive. Thank goodness there weren't any cops on my way! When I got there I wasn't sure where in the lot he was. Until I saw the lights of the CSO cars! They hadn't yet gotten in so I stopped in the middle of the lane and ran out. Unlocked the door and Morgan got Owen out. He had already gotten groceries and was on his way home when this happened. He had the keys in his hand while he was strapping Owen in the car seat and accidentally hit the lock button on his clicker. He was having difficulty with the seat straps so he put his keys down and the moment he closed the door he said he knew what he had done. So we agreed that keys go in your pocket while we are hooking Owen in. To make matters worse (how could they be you ask!) Owen would not go back in the car seat and he wanted nothing to do with Morgan. Oh, and the CSO's thought Morgan had left Owen in the car while he went in the store!!! He promptly cleared that up! It's definately one of those stories we will tell Owen when he is older and Morgan will always feel horrible about it. Luckily it was not cold out and the car was not running and it wasn't sunny.

And now that I've had ample time to play with it here is my new toy!
My friend Michele has one but wouldn't bring it to demonstrate the last time we scrapped. However, a few weeks ago at the last crop I had one of the other girls who comes brought hers! She showed us all how it worked and I decided I had to have one! I had been saving some of my scrapbooking money so I called around to the Wal-Marts to find one. Unfortunately the only WM that had one in the Twin Cities was in Apple Valley. 30 miles from my house! So I decided that Owen and I would have a road trip to get the Cricut and stop at Ikea in Bloomington too. After we got home I had just a few minutes to try it out before I had to leave for work. It needed some adjusting and I didn't know how to do this so I left it until I could read the manual and do the adjusting. When I got home from work I did the adjustment and then fired it up to show Morgan how cool it was. But it didn't work anymore! The screen came on with little digital squares but nothing else happened! I was so upset. PO'd is a better description actually! So the next morning I started calling around to see if I could find a closer WM that had any to exchange. Oh, and I started this calling at 5am because Owen woke up at 3 and I never got back to sleep! At 9 I called the WM in Brooklyn Park just north of us and they had 2! Yippee!! They didn't have any two days before. So Owen and I drove up there and exchanged it and brought it home. So when Owen went down for a nap I unpacked it and got it set up to try it out. I turned it on and THIS ONE DIDN'T WORK EITHER! It did even less than the one before! The screen did nothing. The light came on and that was it! Now I was really PO'd! So I called them back and had the woman in the craft dept hold the second one. Owen was not napping so we went back out there and tried the second one before we left the store. IT WORKED! Hooray! For three days after that everytime I turned it on I held my breath because I was worried it wasn't going to work. But it's been good so far. I have it set up in the dining room because my craft room is in a state of disarray and I have to get it back in order before I can bring the cricut down there. My project for today is to decorate the cover of my idea binder so I'm going to cut out letters with the circut! I'll post a picture when I'm done.


Maureen said...

Wow, three attempts... you have more patience than I... glad to hear you finally got one that worked! I haven't seen one, just as well; if I did I would probably be out buying it too! Have fun!

Lynn said...

Hi Heather, this was a great post today! It made me lol,and cry a little too. I have to tell you, your mom was right! Children are always changing. One minute they are happy, the next sad and then as fast as you can turn your head they are mad. Not much you can do about that. As for Owen being so fussy, it is probaby because he is more mobile now and knows he can get into more things while awake. lol
Now as for husbands.... this is another story. My husband did the same thing when my oldest was little. He always locked his keys in the car. It didn't matter if there was a kid in the back seat or not. I'm glad that Owen is ok, which I knew he would be.
I'm dying for the CriCut! I'm saving up for it. Someone is trying to get me to get the Wishblade but I really like the CriCut. I can't wait to get it. Thanks for the tip... I'm trying it in the store before I leave with it. I don't want to make 3 trips and I'm sorry you had to. That is just insane. I for one can't wait to see the tons of projects you will do with it.
I've been MIA... Just getting back from being sick for a week. Hopefully tomorrow I will be able to post and catch up with everyone.

Noelia said...

Locking my keys in my van with Joshua in it is probably one of my worst nightmares. I can't imagine what you must've felt while making your way there. Glad to hear that everything turned out ok. Seems like've been MIA in such a long time so I'm off to catch up on your posts :)