Monday, March 19, 2007

It's so good...

to be home! We arrived home from Kansas around 8 last night. It was a long drive. Owen did pretty well down and back with the exception of the last hour. We had to stop in Sounthern MN so Morgan could use the rest room and that woke Owen from his backseat slumber. He never fell back to sleep and got progressively fussier. So we decided to stop in Northfield to have some dinner. Owen fell back to sleep on the road into Northfield. But it was dinner time so we stopped anyway. We thought with a full tummy he might snooze for the last 45 minutes. No deal. He cried from Northfield to Bloomington (30 minutes) which progressively became wailing and screeching and then started to vomit. He's the kind of baby who works himself up to the vomitting. We had to stop at a gas station and clean him, change him, and calm him down. He did settle down and was quiet until we got home. Then we gave him a bottle and put him to bed. He woke up at 3:15am crying and carrying on.

Today has been much better for him. He's currently having nap #2, which he did not fuss about. We took a little trip to get his new mobile but otherwise we've had a nice day around the house. Lots of crawling and cruising and playing.

Here are few pictures from out trip.

There's Owen in his little fish mirror. He thought that was pretty cool!

The pilot.

And the co-pilot! I don't usually do any driving. I just make sure that Morgan has the tunes and snacks he needs to keep us on the road!

Please tilt your head the side for this one! That's Owen having a little play break at a rest stop. He was enjoying crawling around on the ground and feeling the leaves.

When we got home the next circle journal was waiting for me!! I am so excited to get started on Aimeslee's journal. Her word is focus. She has a color scheme we have to stick to also. So this may be a bit of a challenge.

Since we were gone I had a bit of a break from creating something everyday. But I did get some ideas while we were gone so I'm off to get to work!


Miranda said...

Oh that baby. So darn cute!! And as babysitter I am glad to hear that we've had 2 naps today. Yay!

Noelia said...

So glad that you're back! I'm back too! I never left but it feels like it. Owen looks so grown-up standing up by that tree.

Lynn said...

I'm happy to hear that you had a safe trip! I know its hard to focus on the road with a cranky baby in the backseat.
The photos are great!
Glad to hear that he is better today and has had 2 fuss free naps for you.
Can't wait to see what you do with your new cj. I just finished up one and its on its way to the next person.

Yellow Fence said...

Your son is adorable. I love the picture taken in the mirror. Great idea.