Friday, March 23, 2007

It was bound to happen...

a creative dry spell has struck me. I think it was the trip to Kansas. Even though I got a couple cute ideas while there, I haven't had time to bring them to fruition. But I have a crop this weekend so hopefully I will have a little time to work on Owen's album and get over my spell!

Today we are going to the outlet mall with my mom. It's a seasonal trip. I look forward to it. My mom takes a couple days off every now and then and we take a trip out there. It's not that far from our house actually. But we make a day of it because the place is so big! So it's days like this that I wish I had worked harder the last several months getting back to a sensible weight! No amount of time on the treadmill this morning will help new pants fit this afternoon!! I guess I won't be getting any new pants! I mostly go to find Owen new things. Spring is here and he will be needing some warm weather clothes. I'm sure he'll be happy not to be dressed in layers everyday!

And later this evening I get to have a night out with my girlfriends! Lori can't come but Maggie and Nikki will be there. It promises to be a fabulous time! We are going to be on the lookout for a man for Maggie. So if any of you know of some very nice, attractive men between the ages of 34-40 please let me know! Nikki and I are planning to begin interviewing candidates for her! (And at this moment I know you are gasping, Maggie! See you later!!!)

And just in case you are wondering, Morgan is okay. I have not hurt him. Not that the thought doesn't cross my mind every so often, but I do love him and if something happened to him I'd have to cook. And I'm just not ready for that! My friend Pam called last night just to verify that Morgan was in fact still alive! She called for other reasons too but she did want to check on Morgan!

And before I go the 2P's challenge today is: let's talk jewelry. Silver/Gold... what is your preference???

A little of both. I lean more toward silver though but it depends on what I'm wearing.

Have a great day! Here in MN it's supposed to be partly sunny and 60!!! Woo Whoo! Spring has sprung!

And now I hear my little man jabbering away in his room. What a cute sound. And yesterday he took two good naps and slept through the night! He knows shopping requires a good nights sleep!


Noelia said...

Seems like you're going to be busy this weekend!
Have fun with your girlfriends, have fun shopping with your mom and enjoy that crop this weekend!

P.S. Good to know you spared Morgan's life ; )

BonnieRose said...

sounds like fun... and hey i know what it's like to try to find a man for a friend.. it's hard.. lol good luck tho... sorry I don't know of any avail men in that age range sorrrrY!

toners said...

Have fun this weekend with your shopping and friends! Happy to hear Morgan is still around :)