Monday, June 29, 2009

Family photo shoot...

We had a busy weekend. Saturday Owen and Morgan went to watch my nephew's fencing matches. I got some crafting time in. Saturday night Owen and I went to the city celebration fire works. He did really well considering it was only the second time in his life he has seen them!

Sunday I did a photo session with my best friend, her husband and daughter. It was lots of fun and went really well! I am super happy with how the pictures turned out. Here is a little sampling of them.

I am about 1/2 way through editing them. If you are a facebook friend then you can see the rest of the ones I've posted there.

Sunday we went with some friends to the St. Paul Beerfest. That was a riot! I was the DD so I was in charge of keeping track of all of us and tracking where we had been and taking notes on the sampling. I did have a few tastes of anything that someone thought was particularly good but since I am not at all a beer connoiseur I was the best choice for DD! Although I got a bad headache while we were there (I hadn't eaten much before we left) and I also didn't have much for sunscreen on. As a result I have a pretty nasty sunburn. Although I've definitely had worse so this is manageable.


Lydia said...

So cute, I love the one in the trees, All of your expressions are great.

Sarah C. said...

Gorgeous photos! I wish you were nearby so I could hire you. :)

Hope that sunburn heals up soon!

Janet said...

I love the photos! I'm sure they are thrilled! The one of the little girl on the wall is precious. I looked at them on FB and loved them all!