Friday, June 05, 2009


I'd like to say I love Fridays but really, it's not my favorite day. Mostly because Morgan can not get home at a reasonable time on Friday. So by 5:30pm I'm frequently dangling at the end of my very short rope. And trying to maintain the one frayed nerve I have left. I could totally do without Fridays.

Today hasn't been too bad though. It's nice out. That always helps. Owen had PT this morning. Which he wasn't too cooperative getting ready for. The appointment went well though. Then we had lunch with Mimi & Naunee. That is always nice. Mimi brought Owen a Buzz Light Year action figure. He is really cool! Owen LOVES him! I think the rest of us do too!

Yesterday we went to a nature center for a picnic lunch and a hike with my friend Lisa and her kids. I think it may be a bit weird in the fall when they start school. Owen loves spending time with them!

We hiked around the lake and then saw wild turkeys at the end of the trail! I had a terrible time getting a picture of them. They were not far away but they wouldn't hold still either and they were in the woods so I couldn't get a clear view of them.

Tomorrow I get to spend some scrappy time with some girlfriends and then Sunday we have a stamp & scrap sale we are doing. Hopefully I will make a little money off the stuff I've purged for the sale! I need to see what else I can clear out!

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