Friday, June 12, 2009

A funny for Friday...

Overheard in the bathroom this morning...

Owen: "You have a penis too daddy?"

Morgan: "Yes, I have a penis too."

Owen: "That's your penis?"

Morgan: "Yes, that's my penis"

Owen: "Wow."

I told Morgan one of his manly dreams had come true. Someone said "wow" when they saw his penis! I suppose it's not part of the dream that it's a 3 year old!

I love to listen to the little conversations they have in the morning while I'm still in bed.

We are off to take care of Nikki & Michaela today. We are going to have lunch with Lori and Maggie later to celebrate Nikki's birthday, which was on Wednesday. She's the big 30!


Sarah C. said...

So glad I was not drinking anything while reading your post or my screen & keyboard would have been soaked! ROFLMBO! I literally laughed out loud over here. Too funny. Never know what a kid will say. :)

jillconyers said...

LOL! Thanks for starting my day with a laugh :)