Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Things to be happy about...

I have been a lazy blogger lately. Partly due to facebook and partly due to being busy. But I wanted to write something today and for lack of a good subject to write at length about I thought I'd post a list of things that I am happy about right now.

  1. Nikki received her bone marrow transplant today! It was actually a cord blood infusion, which I guess it a bit different than the BMT but it is no less monumental. It's a rather anticlimactic procedure for all of the importance that it carries. But it happened today, and today is day zero and now we count up. Please continue to keep her in your prayers and know that all your prayers are appreciated.
  2. We have a working exhaust fan/light in our bathroom! We have wanted this for ages and finally got it taken care of yesterday.
  3. In addition to the fan in the bathroom we also have outside water again! Our outside water was previously on a well. Which had a pump. Which went kaput last year. So we've been managing with some creativity. (Hooking the hose up the kitchen faucet! or hauling the watering can in and out!) Our fabulous handyman connected the pipe from the pump to the city pipe! He also replaced both our outside faucets which wouldn't actually shut off. That was controlled by the pump switch. So now we have working faucets and water that comes of out them! Pretty awesome.
  4. One last fix-it item. A light in the laundry room. Morgan managed to pull the string out of the fixture sometime last fall. It's not difficult to replace but it involves turning off the electricity and getting the ladder into the basement. I'm just lazy about that. So I asked fabulous handyman to do it today while he was finishing up the faucet work and he did!
  5. We had a nice 4th of July camping trip with The Johnsons. Owen loves camping. He was not happy to go home. He wanted "more camping".
  6. A week from today we are going on the Holle Family vacation trip to celebrate Morgan's parents' 40th anniversary. We are spending 3 nights at Bluefin Bay in northern MN and 2 nights in Duluth. We haven't been to Bluefin before and it's supposed to be a beautiful resort.
  7. Friday night I am scrappin' with Lisa! We haven't been scrappin' without children since we went on the retreat in March. Wait, that's not true. We've been to Dawn's house. I'm still looking forward to it! No kids around while we scrap and chat and drink diet coke! In a scrapbook store! To quote Lisa, "AWESOME!"
  8. Our vegetable garden is growing very nicely. We've already had spinach and basil out of it. This is our first year of spinach. It's delicious. I can't describe how it's different but it is and it's just way better than what you buy in the store. Probably because it's just-picked fresh!
  9. This photo makes me happy. I got the fly in focus!
  10. Jessica Sprague's free photo class I'm taking! Which is why the above photo is jazzed up a bit!

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Janet said...

What a great list of things to celebrate! Wish we had a vegetable garden. There is nothing better than homegrown veggies!