Saturday, December 20, 2008

A quiet little Saturday...

Today is a quiet day around the house. Mostly because Owen and Morgan went to the pool! I took Ludwig for a nice walk around the neighborhood in the snow. To be honest, I'm loving all the snow we've been getting. I know my mom is NOT going to like that statement. She's a Minnesotan who should have been born somewhere a bit warmer! It's been like a real December to me. The kind I remember from my childhood. Enough snow to actually play in. It's not blizzard conditions like some places are getting but it's some nice snow. Enough for Morgan to ski. Enough to make it look like winter. Enough to make it feel like Christmas. Which is still funny to me since the first Christmas did not have snow!

I'm also happy because yesterday I finished our Christmas shopping. Owen and I met my friend Lisa and her children at the mall for lunch and some playtime and after they left for school Owen and I finished up our shopping. Now I can wrap it all up and have it be done before all of Morgan's family arrives.

I've got cookies to bake for Morgan's dad. Ornaments to put on the tree. And some other decorating to do. I've also been working on a Daily December/Christmas journal. I think next year I will either not do this kind of project or it won't be a daily thing. I'm not good with these daily kinds of projects. I like events or instances better than recording things daily. It's a little too regimented for me. Which is contrary to my personality! I usually like regimented and orderly. I guess in my own way!


emily said...

Hope you enjoyed your quiet day at home! I tried the Dec. Daily this year and have kept up better than I thought...but I don't know if I'll do it next is hard esp during the work week. Do what works for you!

jillconyers said...

Our weekend not so quiet but I loved it anyway! Other than a few flurries we haven't had much snow yet. Definitely not enough to play in so we're still waiting. My Dec Daily has turned out to be taking, editing and organizing photos. With house guests, holidays and getting a new computer I haven't been able to keep the photos printed and daily pages done. No worries. As long as I keep up with the photos I will put it all together before I go back to work and when things slow down a bit. I'll probably do the same thing next year.