Thursday, December 18, 2008

Are you ready????

Six days till Christmas!!! It's 13˚ here today with a forecasted high of 20˚. Warmer than it's been in quite a few days! But rest assured we will be dipping back down into the arctic temps again!

Morgan had yesterday and today off of work. Burning vacation time at the end of the year. Yesterday we took Owen to the Macy's display in downtown Minneapolis. We met some friends from ECFE class there. The boys had a great time seeing how a day in the life of an elf would be! Then we enjoyed lunch together and ran around the skyway system for a bit. Here are a few pictures from the display.

Today on my agenda I'm planning to finish up the Christmas shopping. We don't have an extensive list, which is nice, but I want to get it finished up. Morgan's family all arrives next Tuesday and I need to spend some time getting the house in order this weekend too. After the shopping I am off to work!


soh1360 said...
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Dana said...

Love all the pics!!!! It's supercold here too and we are supposed to have an icestorm. Great! LOL

jillconyers said...

What fun photos! It's cold here too but not quite 13 degrees...yet :)

Noelia said...

Interesting photos! I'm done my shopping and I've been wrapping all evening yesterday.

P.S Love the new banner AND avatar!