Monday, December 29, 2008

Heading into the New Year...

I am a person who likes beginnings and endings. I like a sense of accomplishment and having something be finished. I don't do as well with perpetually ongoing projects. However, I seem to be able to break up even the most mundane things so there is a beginning and an end.

I always like the beginning of a new year. It's like a fresh start. Last year I tried to make a list of resolutions, only to cast them aside not long into the new year. I didn't lose weight, I didn't start running again, and I didn't give up candy. What a surprise! Yesterday I was reading Jill's blog and she shared her intentions for 2008 and a few new ones for 2009. Did you see that word INTENTIONS?? What a great idea! So much better than resolutions. It just feels like a better word to me. Not resolving but intending. With purpose. With thought and purpose and intent. Doing things I love and enjoy and perhaps that are better for me than what I'm currently doing. It's another step away from my all or nothing thought process to a more gentle way of living and a kinder way of treating myself.

I think this year I'm also going to give up numbers. At least in relation to my age and my weight. I am not unhappy with BEING 35, I just don't like the number. I also don't like the fast pace of adulthood. Childhood was so much slower and leisurely. When I was a child it was ages, years upon years before I would be a grown-up. And now the years march past with a brisk and breathless speed. I want to be leisurely but I also want to accomplish things. In the middle is where I need to place myself.

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emily said...

I love setting Intentions...I have been doing that for about 3 yrs and they really work! I think I originally saw them on Oprah or something. You see progress and don't feel bad about everything you haven't done...I like to look at them as adding something to my life in the new year rather than taking something out. I use them with my clients each year and they really respond to them too...Yeah INTENTIONS! Good Luck with yours.