Thursday, September 25, 2008

Thoughts for Thursday 9/25/08...

I'm at work, and while I wouldn't normally write a blog entry at work, today is different. I'm waiting for my e-mail to filter in. I've been having trouble with my e-mail program for about three weeks now but the IT people don't seem to think I'm important enough to do anything about it. When you are as part-time as I am, you are ALWAYS low girl on the totem pole. So I will write while I wait.
Last night I finished the curtains for our bedroom! I cannot tell you have thrilling this is for me! I started them when I was 8 months pregnant and then they fell by the wayside. But every night for two years I would fall asleep thinking that I needed to finish those up. And finally, I have! One pair is shorter than the other but the panels for each pair are the same length so I'm not going to fuss about it! The fabric I used is a nice heavy decorator fabric and then they are lined with a light blocking material on the back so they block out a lot of light. This was important to me because I like it dark when I sleep. Yes, I know, my eyes are closed. But the falling asleep part is easier if there aren't any distractions. Like the neighbors house lights! They will also help keep the heat in in the winter! I took a nap today while Owen was napping and it was nice and dark in there even in the daytime! I will take a picture soon and post. Then you can see the curtains and Janet can also find out why I refer to our bedroom as the weinermobile room! It does look better with the curtains though!
Last night Owen stayed in his room. And while he didn't fall asleep immediately he wasn't at the door throwing a fit either. At naptime today he did come to the door once but I went in and tucked him back into bed and he went to sleep. When he woke up he was turning the door cage thing and saying "Mommy open". But no fit throwing. We'll see how it goes tonight.
Today he was also boycotting pants or shorts. I had to hold him down to get pants on him to go to the store. After naptime I changed his diaper and he refused to let me put the pants back on. He wanted to go outside and play with his airplane but not badly enough to get his pants back on. So we played in the house until Mimi came to babysit and finally he let me put his pants back on! If this keeps up we will have to take out a loan to pay our heat bill in the winter so someone can run around in his diaper!
In other news, and good news at that, Morgan got a promotion yesterday and will also have a new supervisor! It was a difficult decision for him to make (he was looking for a new job in communications rather than finance) but right now it's the best thing for our family. And along with the promotion comes a nice raise that we are very happy about! The single income way of life is tight as many of you know! As progressive as the US claims to be we still aren't progressive enough to pay women to stay home with their children. But hey, we are funding a war you know!
And now I will stop to see if I can figure out how to hurry the e-mail along and do an expense report and a couple other things. If it doesn't hurry up I'll just have to leave it. The Office starts tonight and I need to be home to watch it! I do have priorities!


Susan Beth said...

You left a comment on my blog - thank you. I then went to your blog, your two peas stuff, and quickly determined you are my friends Larry and Rachel's daughter-in-law.

Yes, it takes a long time to get up to Lava Lake, but you are right, it is worth it!

Anonymous said...

That's great that Morgan got a promotion and a NEW supervisor! That's probably the best of part isn't it? Although the extra cash is nice. I know what you mean about single income families...they definitely should pay sahm's to stay home and raise our families. I'm so happy that you got your curtains done! I'm curious too about the weinermobile, although I remember one of your posts or maybe it was a chat conversation, I forget now but it was a long long time ago when you talked about it. Anyway, I'm curious now so make sure you post a pic of it!

Lily said...

ooo, can't wait to see the new curtains!

I feel your painon the bed issues. I know it's so hard to be tough. You'll appreciate it later though, believe me!

emily said...

That is wonderful about the promotion. Sure does make things a little easier. I'm so curious also to see the curtains! Re: the pantless child. I recall my brother (who is 10 yrs younger than me) going through that phase! Fortunately he grew out of it...he's 20 now!