Sunday, September 14, 2008

It was a wash...

Friday was a beautiful day for camping! Morgan came home early so we could load up the car and go. We went to a park about a half hour from home. Not too far in case we needed to come back for some reason. We arrived at the park about 4 and started getting set up.

Owen helped daddy set up the tent.We found a nice shady area for the tent.
Owen had a good time running around the site trying to catch bugs and playing hockey ball.
We roasted hot dogs over the campfire and had some smores. Owen had fun eating his marshmallows and chocolate. After the fire died down we went for a skate. Morgan and I both brought our in-line skates and the chariot for Owen. The park is on a lake and has lots of trails so we decided to go check out the lake and the play area near it. We were planning to take O there on Saturday to play. I was glad I brought my camera because the sunset was lovely.

After we got back to the site Owen wanted to break out the new lantern! By then the campground had filled up and there were lots of people with fires and lights and a few dogs. Owen had a good time watching all the people and the dogs.
It was a rough night sleeping with all three of us on one airbed and Owen did not settle down easily or quickly. Finally after turned off the night light on the lantern he went to sleep but woke up often in the night. Eventually I had to traipse to the bathroom but the moon was almost full so I didn't need the flashlight. I love seeing all the stars out at night in the country. So many more than we can see in the city!
So after a fitful sleep we woke to a bit of rain. But Morgan has listened to the radio and it was supposed to be spotty and clearing in the afternoon. The rain let up for us to eat breakfast and then started again. But then let up for some lunch. Owen and Morgan went for a bit of a walk and then a run. After lunch the rain started again so we decided to go for a drive around the park and hoped Owen would fall asleep. During our drive the rain picked up. We thought we'd wait it out in the tent with a nap. Owen had fallen asleep in the car but woke when got back to the tent. So we played and read and colored and waited. And waited. And waited some more. The tent began to leak. Morgan tethered the rain fly to keep the rain away from the the tent. We played a bit more and waited. And waited. And the campsite began to turn to mud. Finally about 4:00pm when it was clear the weather people were wrong and the rain was not going to stop we packed up and came home. This is where I need to tell you I am not a good camper. It is by far not my favorite vacation activity. Especially in the rain. Friday was great. We had a great time. I was enjoying it. Then the rain came. And basically the trip was a wash. Although Owen was disappointed we were going home. For most of the drive home he kept saying "more camping" "more camping".
Saturday night we had a fire in the fireplace and used out sandwich makers for campfire sandwiches and made more smores. We also watched a Shark Tale. Owen thought this was fun. Sunday morning Morgan got out the camp stove, set it up on the sidewalk and made pancakes just like we planned to do at the campground.
And I set up a table in the driveway and we had our breakfast picnic. Owen thought this was great. As we ate he kept saying "camping!" It was a great morning for a little breakfast picnic too.

Then later while Owen and Morgan were cleaning out the garage it began to rain again! It turned out to be a good thing we came home. Owen spent most of Sunday at Mimi's house and Morgan and I worked on projects around the house. Morgan got the garage cleaned up and I can get my car in there again!
So camping was a wash. Literally. But we still had fun despite the rain and there aren't two better people to spend a rainy camping trip with than my two favorite boys! And Morgan is already planning our next one! I guess I'm learning to like camping but I'm pretty sure I'm not ever going to enjoy it in the rain!


DebW said...

Great pics! Your story reminds me of the one and only time we went tent camping-it rained 5 out of 7 was brutal trying to keep the kids busy and dry!They were 5,3 and almost 2!Now they're 27,24 & 23...that was a long time ago!LOL!

Alli said...

but you went and that was the great thing. I will be honest the thought of camping doesn't excite me much but if I could go somewhere 30 minutes from home that looked like that I might be more inclined. I loved the pancakes and the picnic breakfast, those are the things kids remember

Sarah C. said...

Bummer about the rain, but sounds like you all made the best of it and had fun. :) That was a gorgeous sunset on Friday - wonderful photos.

Benita said...

Looks like you still managed to have a great time, despite the rain. Love how you had breakfast in your driveway :) It rained here all weekend from Friday afternoon until Sunday night :(

Janet said... had a grand adventure! I love how you made the best of it and still had fun in spite of the rain. This is what memories are made of! :-)

Lily said...

Not a big fan of camping myslef but I love your pics.

Noelia said...

You made the best out of it despite of the rain. I'm sure Owen will remember this one for a long time. What a great idea to do an outdoor pancake anyway, you're such a fun mommy. We've been having rain too. I understand about not liking camping and let alone when it rains, our tent leaked once and it was not a pleasant experience!