Friday, September 05, 2008

28 things @ 28 months...

In exactly 2 hours Owen will be 28 months old. And as I was lying awake at 1am I decided after almost an hour I'd get up and write this because when it was actually time for me to wake up I'd probably have forgotten all my good ideas and I would have time to write it anyway!

So here are 28 things about my toddler @ 28 months:

1. He's about 28 pounds and 34" tall. Give or take some ounces and bits of inches! I can't remember exactly how tall he was at the doctor the other day and he certainly won't hold still for me to measure him!
2. He loves to do the crazy naked baby dance. Which involves a lot of running back and forth and giggling.
3. He loves to throw things. Mostly balls and stuffed toys. But occasionally things that are not so soft too.
4. When coloring with markers he's always hit with an overwhelming urge to color on his body, which he always gives into and he only stops when I take the marker out of his hand. Then he points to where he colored and says "uh-oh!"
5. He has two burned fingers on his right hand from touching a burner last night. This resulted in a crying jag that lasted an hour and included a trip to urgent care where they gave him some motrin and determined the burn to be superficial. The crying finally ended when I tracked him and Morgan down at the grocery store ( I was working) where they were buying popsicles. I think Morgan was more upset than Owen.
6. When Owen says popsicle it sounds like pickle. This was confusing me for a bit but then I figured out what he was talking about. Silly mommy!
7. He's not happy about wearing pants now that the weather has turned cooler.
8. Actually, he'd really rather just wear a diaper. Or nothing, if I'd let him.
9. He calls his blanket dee-dee. Actually, all blankets are dee-dees, but there are two special ones and heaven forbid they go in the washer!
10. He can name at least 5 Seseame Street characters.
11. He likes to watch PBS shows.
12. I've lost track of how many words are in his vocabulary. It's a lot though and he adds more everyday. I love his little voice.
13. He likes to wear his crocs almost exclusively. So glad I bought that pair of sandals at the Bass store! And I really don't know what we're going to do when it snows.
14. He likes to paint. Yesterday he painted a rainbow. It was mostly green and blue but he had the design right.
15. Waffles are his favorite breakfast food.
16. When he says yogurt it sounds like "yoburt".
17. He loves going to the bookstore because it has a train table. Every time I say we are going to the store he says "bookstore". And when I tell him it's just Target he says "later". Meaning we will go to the bookstore later. Which I guess is true. To him, later is whenever we go there next.
18. It's great fun to him to poor big cup fulls of bathwater onto the bathroom floor. I don't find this as fun. When I try to get him to stop he usually tries to douse me with a cupfull too. Still not fun.
19. It's also great fun to "swim" in the bathtub and see how much water can be splashed out of the tub. Or just splash it out and yell "splash" while doing it.
20. He loves to "showber" too. (shower). When either of us goes to shower he says "Owen showber too" and starts pulling at his clothes. Or diaper since he seldom wears clothes!
21. He loves balls. Hockey balls, basketballs, footballs, any kind of balls. He can't have too many and they can all be hit with his hockey stick!
22. He likes to give hugs. Especially the kind where he can get a running start. And he usually gives the person he hugs a little pat on the back while hugging them.
23. Daddy=fun, Mommy=comfort.
24. Mimi=fun, the castle, swimming and juice boxes.
25. Naunee knows how to get the meow to stay still while Owen pets her. Naunee also equals LOTS of fun.
26. He can recognize his family members in pictures. Including his grandma & grandpa that live in Montana and doesn't see as much.
27. He loves to play in the neighbors backyard with the daycare kids. When he hears they are out there he yells "kids!" and runs to the door and then yells "Owen outside! Caffy's house".
28. He is loved a ton!


jill said...

What a great list. Perfect for a layout! A few things remind me of dd and ds as toddlers.

jill said...

Forgot to mention...I used your 8/29 Thoughtful Friday quote for my TF this week. TFS!

Noelia said...

What a great idea to document 28 things about Owen at 28 months. Neat list! This would make a beautiful scrapbook page!

Linda said...

This is a great list and would make a great layout!

muirwoodsue said...

I agree - what a great idea for a layout. Thanks for sharing.

toners said...

Great post! Are you going to make it into a layout?

emily said...

Wonderful list to hang onto! Someday when he's older it will be so nice to look back on all those little memories that are so often lost with time! Thanks for sharing about him!

Aimeslee said...

awesome list, heather. #21 is good to know.

Linn said...

What a great list to add to his scrapbook!