Wednesday, September 24, 2008

A seven minute post...

I've fallen behind this week in my posting. And today I'm only taking 7 minutes to write because Owen is in his room working into a nice nap and I have lots on my list to do in the time that he is napping. Thank goodness the dishwasher can run itself!

My topic for today is wide and rambling so hang on!

Sunday I got a ton of housework done! I love that! I love a neat, clean and tidy house. I told Morgan last night my dream is that one day, just one, the house with be completely clean, neat and organized. Even the storage area and garage! It will be free of clutter and crap and junk. Can you understand why it's a dream!? But the work I did on Sunday is lasting because I'm putting effort in to the maintenance of the cleanliness.

Owen's sleep habits at night are still rocky. Today I discussed it with the parent educator and the mom's in our class. One suggested a knob thing so he can't get out of his room. So we stopped at Target after class to pick one up. We'll see how it goes. He noticed it after I put him down but didn't get to upset about it. I explained it was so he would stay in his room. Mommy and Daddy can work it but Owen can't until he gets bigger.

And speaking of Target, while we were leaving I was thinking about all the reasons why I love Target. Here are a few:

1. Location, location, location. Within 5 miles of my house there are 4 Targets. One is a Super.
2. The $1.50 popcorn & Soda/Icee combo. It keeps Owen occupied while I wander and shop.
3. Clearance= good deals
4. Dollar Spot= good deals
5. It's clean and bright and the aisles are wide.
6. The super deluxe sized fitting room that I can get a cart in.

And my 7 minutes are up. I'm off to work on my curtains! Happy Wednesday!


Janet said...

Great post! I love a clean house, too, but alas it almost never happens around here. I'm not good at that maintenance part! Well...I'm not good at the rest, either! Have a great and productive day!

noeliaevangelista said...

I long for a clean house too. Today I cleaned a bit but I have tons to do. I remember having the house so clean when school started and I was able to maintain it for a week and then I didn't should see it now! lol

Lily said...

add me to the I love Target club....hubby not so much!