Monday, April 21, 2008

Just so you know...

I'm not good at not doing anything. And what I mean to say is, when I drive 12 miles to get to work after working (at home) all day I want to have something to do! And by something I mean more than address 4 birthday cards for clients. Perhaps I should tell my boss. But you'd think she'd know. Since she pays me and all. Whatever...
This weekend was very busy! Saturday was the crop. I had 5 people. Seems like a small number but it's actually quite nice. I worked on a collage for a bit. Chatted a lot. Bound some books for Pam who is doing a cool little "Project Runway" challenge with her friend. I'm hoping she takes pictures of what she makes so I can see. (hint, hint Pam!)
Saturday night we went to my mom's for dinner. Morgan hoped he would get to see the hockey game but it wasn't on until 9pm. Far too late for us to be out with Owen. As it was he was up an hour past his bedtime.
Sunday, which turned out to be a beautiful day, we went to church, had lunch at church (it was an open house sort of day), stopped by Lowes to pick up lumber and sand for O's sandbox. Did I mention the old one fell apart when we were cleaning it up? So we decided to build a new one. Not a bad idea. Not a hard project. But we didn't really think ahead when we left the house and took my car. A sedan. Rather than Morgan's car. A WAGON! I didn't realize this until he pulled up to load the stuff into the car. So here we are with 8 six foot 2x8's and 12 bags of sand (600 pounds!). Hmmm. So I put down my little backseat/truck hole door and we actually were able to slide all the boards through there! Then Morgan stacked the sand bags evenly in the truck. We were riding low but nothing was making noise.
Then Morgan dropped me at Michael's to get a new cartridge for my cricut. They were 50% off and the previous day I had used my friend Lisa's paper dolls cartridge. It has a ton of features that are not shown on the box or the website and it is so cute! So I had to have it. Then I walked down to Archiver's to use my 30% off coupon. I got a rub-on roller thing. I read a review on someone else's blog (can't remember who now!) and she said it was great. So I thought I'd try it out. The cashier said she loved her's too. I'll let ya know what I think. Then I started walking to the sports shop where Morgan and Owen were looking at in-line skates for Morgan. Which he purchased along with two roller hockey sticks a balls. I guess we are going to play roller hockey! Morgan may need some pads! I'm not sure how we are going to convince my sister to do this too! I let her know the plan though. She and her BF have skates also. I caught up with Morgan as he was pulling out of the lot and we headed home.
Poor O fell asleep on the way because it was an hour past his naptime. While he was sleeping I worked on the sandbox and Morgan tried out his skates. I also worked on Owen's birthday part invite. (I'll post later). Then Owen woke up and Morgan took a nap (this never seems to happen at the same time!) so O and I went outside to play and finish working on the sandbox. The drill had run out of juice while I was working on it the first time!
After Morgan woke up we tore out the old sandbox and put down the new one. Even with 12 more bags of sand it's not even close to being full! Good thing Owen doesn't care! Maybe sand will be on his birthday wishlist!
We were all able to go for a skate after dinner. We just put Owen in the chairot. He's too small for skates yet! We had the pleasure of seeing the neighborhood pits bulls too! The people down and around the corner have 3. Which I'm not sure is legal. And one of them didn't have his leash and collar on! We moved to the other side of the street and kept going. We have 5 or 6 living in our neighborhood. I'm not happy about this. We had some rather traumatic experiences with this breed of dog when I was a child. And I've been attacked by a rotweiler before. The woman who lives behind us has a daycare and she won't take the children to the park anymore because the other house with pit bulls lives right on the park. Their yard is fenced but she's not taking any chances. Our city has a leash/fence law and all dogs are to be leashed, fenced or under the owners control. I don't trust "under the owners control". I prefer leashed or fenced. And even then I'm still leary. Of any dog. They are all animals. Even my docile greyhound.
Anyway, I'm glad to be back to Monday. I was able to get the house put back in order today with some help from my little man. He's a good little cleaner! Now let's see if I can keep it clean all week!


It's Not Easy Being Green said...

I am curious about that rub on roller. Let me know if it is worth it. I almost bought it today at Archivers but didn't.

Aimeslee said...

What brand is this rub on roller? I'm curious too!