Friday, April 18, 2008

Boobs and tator tots...

I had been feeling a bit bad for not having anything interesting to write about lately. I'm one of those people whose brain is always working and there are always lot of thoughts. Many of them just random, silly thoughts. So for me to not have something to write about is a little weird. I think it's just that I can't get it into words all the time. So to remedy the situation I've come up with some "thoughts" to share.

First, my left boob. Or breast. Boob is sort of a dumb word. But anyway, I've had some pain over there for a few days. Sort of a soreness. I've checked it out, you know with the self-exam, and haven't found anything out of the ordinary. At least I don't think so. I'm not really and expert in the self-exams. I think they should have a tester one (not a REAL boob, but a model boob) at the doctor's office so everyone can practice and get the hang of it. I have to admit too, that I didn't do self-exams up until not too long ago and then when I did I got freaked out. I felt lumps. Lots of lumps! So I had to consult with my girlfriends (Mag, Lori, and Nik) about the lumps. They told me they are normal. Sort of a cottage cheese feeling. So nothing out of the ordinary, same ol' lumpy boob. It's been feeling better the last day or two anyway. Maybe it's just that they are getting older and dropping down father (oh great!).

Second, tator tots. I made them for Owen for lunch yesterday. He loves them. So do I. But I'm trying to stay away from them. We get the mini ones and before I know it I've eaten far more than a serving size. So I made the tots just for O and some Dino Bites chicken things that Morgan got. He ate the tots like no bodies business, took a couple bits of the Dinos, had a few bites of applesauce (another fave) and then started chanting "more" "more" "more" and doing the sign all in a "RIGHT NOW MOM" tone. He'd been rather difficult for an hour before lunch too so this was going from bad to worse. Worse because there were no more tots! That is a very bad thing. So I explained to him, as clearly as possible to a two-year old, that I would make more. Lots of gestures and repeating. I think he got the idea. He at least stopped chanting "more". In the mean time he ate a few more bites of the Dinos and half my grapefruit (which I didn't want to share) and a couple more spoonfuls of applesauce. So the tots are baking, not fast enough mind you, but the oven was still hot from the first batch so that helped. Then, he pushes himself away from the table and says, "done" "down" "all done". WHAT!? You are done!? I'm making more tots for you! Nope. Done. I asked twice just to make sure. And he was clearly finished. Sheesh! So he runs off to watch whatever PBS was offering (I was not going to fight him) and what do you know, the tots are done! Perfect. And what is a tot loving mom to do but eat some herself! I did manage to show some restraint and didn't eat them all. He had them later for a snack after he woke from a 3 hour nap. Morgan also reminded me that tots can be microwaved when you're desperate. Yuck! Tots should never be microwaved!

And since I'm on the topic of "mom" things, I'm reading a book called The Imperfect Mom. Interesting book. I'm still in the introduction but it's a collection of essays about the things moms have done that fall short of their own or societies expectations of what a mom should be. And it's not the thought of not being a "good" mom. It's the idea of not being perfect.

I must admit there are lots of things I've changed my tune about. TV. Fast food. Frozen food. Tots. Fruit snacks. My cell phone. We all start with the best intentions but when you're in the trench with the toddler it's a whole 'nother story! And you do what you have to do to get by. Some days are good and some not so good.

Now for something less weird. I was listening to NPR last night and heard this story about a man, or a bunch of people called the Kite Gang, who have gone to different refugee camps and made kites with the people in the camps. He said he done some other work in refugee camps and seen what it was like and the one thing that is the worst for the people is boredom. You can check out the The Story and pick April 17th. Here's the link to the Kite Gang website too. I love stories about people who find new and unique ways to help others. I know my girlfriends think I'm kind of nerd because of all the public radio I listen to but it's so much better than the TV news and we have way more radios than TVs!

Tomorrow I'm scrapbooking at my monthly crop. It's a small group this month so I'm going to try and work on something! The weather should be nice this weekend too!


Dana said...

I must admit this your title made me laugh out loud. Boobs and tatertots, sounds like a low budget film. Dana

:: gingerkitty :: said...

I get surprised by what I read here someones but your title says it all. haha

Aimeslee said...

First of all, your thoughts are just fine for posts. Love them lots.

Second, you can now join the Left Boob Club, which Lida and I are both members of. LOL Not the right, mind you. Just the left. We are happy to have you! Welcome! You'll be happy to know we no longer require video of of you self-examining in order to join. winkwink

Third, at least you didn't have CHEESE tots...that's how we eat em down here alot of times. Then, there's chili-cheese tots, bbq tots...apparently, OreIda is a southern staple, huh? "Pop tots" is second only to Pop tarts as a danger to healthy diets, LOL.

Anonymous said...

Your post are never boring that's for sure. I love your outlook on life. I'm a big NPR fan too so let your nerd flag fly Thanks for sharing your random thoughts. They always make me smile

Lynn said...

Oh goodness, how could you ever say your posts are boring! I never find them that at all. I just love stopping by to read what is going on.

Wow... I didn't know there was a left boob glub, Aimees. I think we all get some kind of boob soreness as we age. Sometimes I'm lucky enough to get it in both, lol

Tater Tot's---- oh boy. My kids loved them growing up and still have a liking to them. I stay away from them as much as possible. Now Nathans French Fries is another story.

Renee said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. Your post was too funny. However,I have been there with the tator tots and dino bites. I am learning to stay away from the kiddie foods.

Noelia said...

It's funny you mentioned having a breast check, I was there on Wednesday too. Nothing to worry about but still it's a bit scary isn't it? We have a history of breast cancer in my family.
Your posts are always interesting to read and give me a good laugh and I'm not saying that just because you're cool and stuff but because I really mean it :)
I totally understand your meals dilemmas, Josh and I are going through a phase right now too.

Have fun at your crop!!