Friday, April 11, 2008

Fabulous Friday!

Guess what!? We have snow again! As you can imagine this is making me crazy. And not the happy, delirious crazy either. The weather was nice on Wednesday. We spent a lot of the day outside. Since then we've been in the house. Or Target. One would assume with all the toys Owen has he wouldn't be bored. And he isn't really. But not because of the toys. Because of this.
Owen LOVES the Bee Movie. After breakfast he wanders around saying "bee" "bee" "bee". Yesterday I told him they weren't on. But today I decided to let him watch it again. And he it watching right now as I type. My mom gave us a portable DVD player and I sit it in the desk next to me and O sits on the futon and watches.

This is him a couple of days ago. The best part of the portable DVD player is the portableness. (duh!?) I put it on the floor so I could change his diaper. And when I asked him if he wanted me to put it back on the desk he said "no". I am adding this to the growing list of things I let Owen do that I said, "my children won't do," before Owen was born! Some days animated movies and PBS save us!

I wanted to show how long my hair has gotten. I'm not big on haircuts especially since I need to find a new stylist. I have to say, it is very difficult to take a picture of the back of your own head in a mirror. I suppose I would have had more luck with my P & S camera or a wider angle lens on my SLR. But here are the best of them.

The color isn't that great. In the pictures I mean. My hair color is fine. Although I've thought about having it colored a bit to be more red. I think it would a little odd with my very light eyebrows though.

This winter we got Owen a sled. Morgan wanted to get him used to winter sports. Owen did not find the sledding adventures that fascinating. However, he did love the sled. Last week when it was nice out he wanted to sled. So I pulled him around in the sled in the yard. There wasn't any snow. He loved it. On Sunday he wanted to sled again. He was out in the breezeway getting the sled down. It was raining outside and there wasn't snow and he wasn't dressed either. But he wanted to sled. So Morgan pulled him around the living room in the sled.

It didn't last long. The sled is a bit big to pull around the table in the living room! But Owen enjoyed the short ride. Morgan is going to have to put the sleds up in the rafters of the garage so we don't have to sled all spring and summer!

On my agenda for the day: (not that anyone cares!)
*a bath
*a workout
*finish Father Joe for book club on Saturday!
*maybe do a little creating

Oh, and Lynda asked me to share the title of the book I told you all about the other day. I presume the one about perfectionism. It's titled, Be Happy without being Perfect: How to break from from the perfection deception. by Alice D. Domar.


Dana said...

Love your hair. And that picture of you little boy in front of the portable dvd player is cute as all get out. Love it!!!

Sarah C. said...

The Bee Movie is great! Loved it. :) Too funny about the sledding. Hope you have a great day!

toners said...

Jamie loves Bee Movie too!! It is very cute :) The sledding photos are fun!

Noelia said...

Can you believe I still haven't watched the Bee movie? I like Jerry Seinfeld, does his personality translate into the character? It's cool that you share your daily lives with the rest of us. It's neat :)

Aimeslee said...

Wow, you did a great job photoging your hair, which is lovely, very full and thick-looking.

That's a cute photo of O watching the movie.

Lynda J P said...

sorry to hear about your snow woes! we actually had a warm weekend...k, i won't show off....
thnx for the title of the book....
o looks so "grown up" with his portable dvd and lil pad and pencils. to cute.....
yeah pbs, disney and nick jr saved us many of times...... now they are into their ipods....aaghh!!!!
take care have a great weekend
lynda in calif

Lynda J P said...

heather, i just checked online @ my library...and they have her book, so i don't have to request it from another and i found another by her...Self nuture...that one sure sounds perfect for moms....
i hear u & about the haircuts..i have not had one in ages and i need to find a gal to cut too!
thnx again
lynda in calif

Alli said...

Alec and Riley love the bee movie too, and we have the ABC (Australian broadcasting commission)here that are ad free and have kids programs, we love it, we also said we wouldn't have tv.. yeah right