Wednesday, April 16, 2008

A dozen reasons why I LOVE spring...

1. It was already 51˚ at 7am.
2. We walked in the morning because it was already warm out!
3. I can open the windows and let the fresh air in and the stale winter air out.
4. I can turn off the furnace.
5. There aren't too many bugs yet.
6. The dog will lay outside for hours and not bug me.
8. pink crocs without lining!
9. Cropped pants.
10. No socks!
11. No coat.
12. It just makes me happy!

Oh, and Owen can play outside for hours and hours. Yesterday he got sand all down inside his onesie. And because of gravity it ended up in his diaper. So his "little mister" was covered in sand! Morgan brought him in and washed him up. But he wasn't going to put on more clothes! He loves to run around in just his diaper. I'm sure he'd be happy going commando but I'm not going to be running around after him making sure he's not peeing in a corner. Or worse! And speaking of worse, he had a bath yesterday morning because I had taken one and he saw the water. So I let him have a bath too. Well I should know better than to put him in the tub between breakfast and his morning constitutional. All the sudden I here "uh oh" "uh oh" coming from the bathroom. Fortunately, he's not one of those kids who will play with his own poo. He was just standing there waiting for me to get him out. This is not the first time this has happened and you'd think I'd learn. But it could be worse.

Owen has also been a little clingy lately. Very mommy oriented. Yesterday he had a hard time with separation at tot class. It was sort of a ripple effect with the kids. I don't think it helped that the teacher announced that we were leaving either. She is usually a little more low key and announces what the kids will be doing but she didn't and it just went south. He also cried when I left for pilates but I found out later it was just a ruse. Morgan said he stopped the moment I was out the door! Today he's been wanting me to hold him all the time. Well, not all the time. Just when I'm trying to do something. Like vacuum. So I put him in the hiking backpack carrier and vacuumed with him. He loved it. Luckily he got interested in his kitchen afterwards so I didn't have to spend the day with him attached to my back. I know, I need to enjoy it now, because in a few years I won't be as interesting or as needed!


Lida said...

Oh my Owen is a total character and so cute, glad you are both enjoying spring!

Aimeslee said...

Sounds like Mr. O is exploring Mama Control. You know, he's plenty smart enough, too smart. I think he could already be exploring his manipulative powers. When Missy did that, I researched it and it does have a good side. They can only explore it if they are feeling confident enough and secure enough, and it's also an onlie rite of passage. I'm gonna have a good chuckle thought now seeing him standing in the tub. LOL, sorry you don't have a Nanny you could have had do that clean up, tho....winkwink

Noelia said...

It's looking like spring here too! That's a great list of reasons why Spring rocks but I loved the one about not having to worry about the bugs! So funny that O had an accident, I had the mental picture and I had to chuckle. Talking about accidents, Joshua had one at preschool...not cool. Now I have to wash his clothes...YUCK!

emily said...

I'm right there with you and your list of "why you love spring!" It definatley energized me today...and the story about your funny!

Sharmaine said...

We have Fall here and I'm loving the days where the sun is shiny!!

Gina (frazzledmom) said...

Yay for Spring!!! I'm so with you on all your points! Sounds like Owen had a fun-filled day, and kept you on his toes with all his antics. I think we're due for some rain, but that's OK - at least it ain't snow, right?