Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Living in a van...

Have you seen the TV commercials for some of the new mini-vans or SUVs? Like the Grand Caravan? We were watching a the news last night and on came a commercial for one of these vehicles. Afterward I told Morgan we should sell the house and most of our possessions and buy one of these vehicles. We could live in it. No property taxes, no homeowners insurance. We could live where ever we were. Then I told Morgan we could just park in the lot at his work and use the showers there and he could come out and have lunch with me and Owen. And he said Owen could play outside all he wanted because it would basically be where he lived!

I know this isn't totally realistic. We'd need a trailer for my art and craft supplies. Not to mention my shoes! But for what some of these vehicles cost you should be able to live in them. They certainly make them look comfy enough on TV!

Sometimes I think it would be really fun to own an RV and drive all over the country. You're house would basically be with you so you wouldn't have that homesick feeling. If you wanted to visit a friend or relative you could do it for as long or as short a time as you (or they) wanted and you wouldn't be too much of an imposition.

I think my grandpa would have enjoyed this but my grandma wasn't a traveler. She mostly stayed home and surrounded herself with animals and art supplies. I'm doing pretty good with the art supplies but thankfully we just have one animal. I think I learned from her that they are a bit messy and require a lot of attention. And as I've mentioned many times I'm short on the attention span. Which Ludwig can attest to since I left him outside while we were gone twice in one week! I wouldn't do well on a farm!


toners said...

LOL! I've also wondered what it would be like to tour in an RV for a year or two...then I think it would be so much easier to fly around and stay in hotels! Of course, the funds would need to have a little more $ in them for the plan to be successful :)

Rachel Whetzel said...

here's what I think. I think you should buy the RV and instead of the CAR being towed behind it, you could have a little gutted trailer, all set up like a scrap room, with the very back closet FULL of your shoes. Of course, this would mean that you would have to DRIVE the car to your destinations, BUT you would have EVERYTHING you want at your finger tips... and you would NEVER have to leave home.

Gina (frazzledmom) said...

OMGosh - a mobile scrap-space. Why didn't I think of that myself! What a fun idea!

BTW, I saw the ads for the new Dodge van too, and boy, are they loaded with great features. Wouldn't mind one of those in my garage. :)