Monday, November 05, 2007

Hello Monday Morning...

And Happy 1/2 birthday to Owen! November is a big month in our house. My birthday is the 3rd, Owen's 1/2 birthday is the 5th, and Morgan's birthday is the 7th. So there is a lot of celebrating this week!

Saturday we celebrated my birthday with dinner at the 50's Grill. A fun 50's style place with burgers, fries and homemade deserts. We had a good time. Morgan gave me a new blender. Our old one, circa 1960, was due to be replaced. The new one is a sleek red Black and Decker.

Yesterday my family came for dinner to celebrate both our birthdays. My sister gave Morgan a ticket to a Wild game. Minnesota's hockey team. I'm not sure if he was more excited about the game or the free beer after the game! I got a ticket too! So we are going with my sister and her BF on the 30th for the game. Morgan has been to one but the rest of us have not so we are pretty excited! I haven't been to a hockey game since college!

Last night Owen threw one of his nighttime fits. I just don't know why this is happening. He settled down after I went and sat in his closet and he came in with me. So we sat quietly in his closet for a while and then I put him back down. He was fine for about a half hour and then he was back up screaming again. We watched a couple episodes of The Office and then I put him back down. He slept until 7:30 this morning. His screaming and carrying on in the middle of the night is really getting to me. I had to put him down last night and just go back in our bedroom. I just couldn't take it anymore. He wants me to hold him but then he arches his back to get down and screams and falls on the floor. Then he gets up and wants to be picked up again but then doesn't want to be held. Morgan went through this for a bit while I was in our room and then when I came back out he quieted down and wanted to sit with me. He will eat if we give him something but he doesn't seem hungry and he usually won't take his sippy. I just don't get it.

Yesterday after church Morgan picked up Owen's Christmas Present. We had been looking at little kitchen sets for him. He seems to love the one in our baby class room and he it's the first thing he goes to when we're at someone's house who has one. They are expensive though but there was one the Fleet Farm ad for $30! Special purchase, limited number! So I had Morgan go after church and he decided it looked good and got one. Hopefully it won't be junk when we take it out of the box. I may have to open it up to check it out first!

I created a little tent for Owen in the living room yesterday with our old card table and a sheet. I put his little Tiger chair and a basket of books in it and now he's got a little reading tent!

It seems a cold front moved in last night and our mild fall weather is over. We will have a high of 44˚ today with wind advisory for most of the day. It had to happen sometime I guess.

And last, but not least, the winner of my Birthday RAK is Toni!


EquineSpirit said...

It is sad that our fall weather is over isn't it? I was loving it!! But at least this year we can say he actually had "fall" unlike other years when it went from summer into winter...LOL!

Tina said...

Sounds like a month of celebrations! I like that 1/2 birthday too

Lynn said...

I feel so bad that Owen is not sleeping through the night. Maybe something is scaring him. Poor thing.

Happy Belated Birthday! It sounds like you had a great time for your birthday.

Happy 1/2 birthday to Owen. That is so cute.

Your November sounds like my June and October! Have fun.

toners said...

Yay! Thank you Heather! I hope Owen's bedtime improves soon...for all of you :) It's so difficult when they're that little because they can't describe exactly what's wrong. Sending you (((hugs)))

Aimeslee said...

Hope Owen grows out of this phase soon, for you and Morgan's sake! xoxo