Thursday, November 08, 2007

Constant Entertainment!

Being a mama has changed my life in more ways than I can even count. If you are a mama you know this and you also know that you cannot be prepared for it. I don't like boogers and poo and all the yuckiness that goes with mamahood but I do it. Because I 'm the one that has to most of the day. I am blessed to have a husband who will take over those duties without fuss when he gets home. We don't fight about who did it last.

Before being a mama I was pretty selfish with my time. I did with it what I pleased and would spend hours by myself reading or making things in my craft room and Morgan didn't care. He'd go about his stuff too.

When I decided to stay home with Owen I was happy about the decision. I was in a place in my career where I felt I could take a break and not miss it or yearn to go back. And that's still true. There are days that are rough because we don't get much sleep or someone is just cranky or crabby or wants to play outside all day or not take a nap. And sometimes it's just boring being home all day without grown-ups around and nothing that I have to do.

But there are far more good days. Like today. When Owen was playing in his room reading and enjoying his toys. He'd run to the door of the study to check on me and say hi (not really he's sort of yells stuff) and I'd take to him and then he'd run off. The last time he came to the gate at the door he said something and then I heard "rip". And I turned around to see that he was removing his diaper! I wasn't so concerned about it being dirty as I had just changed him (and was letting him play in just his diaper because he's a pain to dress) but the chances of him peeing on something are pretty great! So I go over to him as he's removing the rest of his diaper and he looks at me and laughs and takes off running! So I grabbed the camera! Because what's funnier than a naked, laughing, running baby!?

I added the black box just so no one would be offended or think I was posting inappropriate pictures of my son! But it's funny too! This is destined for a layout entitled "Streaker".

I don't know who was laughing harder. Me or Owen. Until he ran into a wall of course! But it was a minor bump so he was fine. I finally got a new diaper on him and then pants. And the pants just barely before he could get the diaper off. He's one of those kids who would be happy being naked all day!


Magpie said...

Nice job catching your little streaker on camera!

Darcey said...

Cute story and pic!

Noelia said...

LOL! Too darn cute!

toners said...

LOL! Love it! It'll be a fun one to share with him when he's 15 :)

Lynn said...

How adorable. You gotta love a good streaking photo!

You know back in the mid 70's there was a very cute song called the streak (I'm pretty sure that was the name of it), about a streaker. It was a cute song.

Miranda said...

I think that the picture is funnier with the black bar. Like he's on an episode of cops or something..