Sunday, October 14, 2007

A new week...

and I've got some goals. A to-do list. Ideas. What's missing?? Time! I could always use more of it! I'm sure you could too!

For this week:
1. Get caught up on DOM cards!
2. Blog more than one day this week.
3. Halloween decorations.
4. Get some exercise.
5. Keep up with the chore chart.
6. Create a little something everyday!

I finished the last CJ layout today. I will bring it to the post office tomorrow. I've enjoyed this CJ group. It's fun to see other people's work each month and browse through the journals. I'm very excited to get mine back too!

I'm a bit behind on my DOM cards. Or, rather posting them. I've been doing them, except last week's, but haven't photographed them or posted them.

At Michael's last week in the dollar bin I bought a little calendar that has columns for each day and I'm going to use it to track projects and ideas and the things I create each day. Which has been a goal for me all week.

I'm increasingly frustrated at how difficult it is to fit everything into the day that I'd like to get done. Which also includes play time with Owen. His play time often feels a bit like wasted time for me because I'm not doing much but it's important for him. I haven't been working out again but the house has been clean. Both are important to me but it seems like I can't do it all in a day. Maybe I need to rearrange my chore chart to alternate with workout days. Or heavier workout days.

This week I'm working on getting some Halloween Decorations made and up. I got some small pumpkins and gourds at Michael's this week and glittered them! They are so sparkley! I LOVE glitter!

(Are you gathering that this is a random post!?)

This weekend Owen and I went to the 120 year celebration for my mom and sister's company. There was a walk around the nature preserve where the HQ is situated. Then a building dedication. I didn't get that part since the building has been there for years and years! Then a picnic and pumpkin picking!

They had set up a pumpkin patch up on a hill! So Miranda and I took Owen up and he picked out a pumpkin. Mostly he pointed at and poked them. I picked out the on to his right for him. I'm not sure what we will carve in it yet. Owen had a good time at the whole affair. He's such a social baby!It is amazing how he grows and changes so much from week to week and sometimes day to day. He's been running a lot lately. Unfortunately he also falls down and bumps into things a lot too. Tonight he was running out of the kitchen with his Fischer Price Piano and managed to go sideways and hit the wall with his head. He cried for just a moment but he's going to have a bruise. Our baby class teacher keeps saying they have tough heads but I keep thinking he may need a little helmet like the one the lead girl in Garden State wore! Just something to provide a little padding!
He's also babbling and jabbering like crazy. He says a few things that sound like words but for the most part it's his own language. Complete with facial expressions and hand gestures. It's so fun to watch. Morgan and I were just talking about how funny and silly and fun he is. Last night I started crying because I don't want him to grow so fast! But I'm also happy that I'm not missing a moment of it. I spent a lot of my life up until now waiting for or anticipating something and I can honestly say that I don't do that much right now. Most days I'm lucky to know what day it is and get where I have to be, if I do need to be somewhere! And I don't mind that.

The 2P's challenge, posted by BonnieRose, for today is: What do you think of people who leave hurtful anonymous comments?
Your thoughts?
Myself and a few of my sb acquaintances locally have had to deal with this in the past few months, blog about your thoughts.
Do you feel by blogging your public thoughts publicly, that well.. it's almost expected? Blog about it.

Blogging is an interesting forum. While it's a personal journal of sorts it's done in a public forum, which leaves you open to criticism from whomever happens to read what you write. So in that respect I guess you need to be tough. However, I personally believe that if you don't have something constructive to say then perhaps you shouldn't say, or write for that matter, anything at all. I may not agree with what I read on the blogs that I read but I don't feel compelled to hurt the feelings of the writers. I think the people who's blogs I read all nice people and deserve to be respected. I also find it inappropriate to be so involved in someone's life through an online forum that one would feel compelled to get involved in mud slinging or some other such behavior. I have a hard enough time managing the few close friends I have without getting involved in the drama of people I hardly know!

Oh, and if you have not stopped over at the Funky Photo Friday blog yet there is a new challenge and the Flickr group is up and running! I'm so excited about all the new activity going on with it! There are some great photos in the Flickr pool so I hope you will join in too!

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Noelia said...

It such a balancing act to keep the house clean, fit in a little workout and play with your kiddo. I go through the same here. It sure helps that Joshua is a little older and wants a little more independence. Usually I do a craft with him daily and that keeps him very happy.

I was just thinking about having a chores list for the house. Not something rigid but more of a reminder. I was at Chapters last friday and I came across a special issue from Real Simple that was all about cleaning. It was $24 cdn so I didn't buy it but I did take a look at the chart they had, loved that chart! Maybe I will buy it next time but I think if I can put time aside, I can make one one my own. OK, another novel post here...but one last thing...Owen is such a good kiddo. Enjoy him and his little phases because they come and go so quickly!