Monday, October 15, 2007

A little bit of fun...

Noelia had a fun little tag posted on her blog so I thought I'd do it here.

Four jobs I have had in my life...
1. mortgage planner assistant
2. elementary school teacher
3. retail clerk
4. babysitter

Four movies I would watch over and over...
1. Love actually
2. The Princess Bride
3. Legally Blonde
4. The Wizard of Oz

Four places I have lived...
1. Brooklyn Center, MN
2. Minneapolis, MN
3. River Falls, WI
4. Circle Pines, MN

Four TV shows I love to watch...
1. The Office
2. Biggest Loser
3. Martha Stewart
4. Mr. Rogers (Yes, still!)

Four places I have been on vacation...
1. Montana
2. Maine
3. Oregon
4. Canada

Four websites you visit Often...
1- SIStv
2- Two Peas
3- blogger
4- flickr


Lynn said...

Love your tag answers! I could sit and watch Love Actually over and over again also. It is one of my fav's.
Your CJ layout is just beautiful! I love all the squares and the wonderful colors. That would make for a great photo gallery layout like you said. You really are a very talented, creative and inspiring lady. I would never think to do something like that, really. Your really put a spark in me to do something like that. I might do it with some of DJ's wrestling photos. Can't wait to try.
Owen looks so cute in that picture with the pumpkins. This is the age that they always look like someone beat them, but they are doing it to themselves. They always want to be on the go and move to fast for their little bodies so they fall a lot. I remember those days. Cherish them now, because before you know it... they will be telling you that you are crazy and you don't know a thing. I get that a lot now.
Hope you have a wonderful day.

Noelia said...

So glad you played the tag! Totally forgot the biggest looser! Love that show! I had a babysitting job too when I was a SAHM with my older one...that seems like ages ago!