Monday, October 29, 2007

A beautiful weekend...

On Saturday Owen and I went to my mom's to play. He loves to play outside at her house. The yard is so much bigger and much more interesting. And there's also Grammie and Auntie Sissy to play with and "help"!

Here are Owen and Miranda playing in the leaves!And Owen had a great time helping my mom transplant a plant.
Then he decided to take the shovel and dig in whatever planters he came across.
And here he is in the leaf pile with Miranda's pumpkin. A little photo shoot. And the other two I took didn't turn out because he was not interested in sitting still!

Sunday we went apple picking. It was a beautiful day for it but the picking was not good. I guess it's better to pick earlier in the season. We picked a bag from the orchard for baking and then just bought already picked apples from the store for eating.

It was a rather large orchard and Owen wasn't all that interested in riding in the wagon. We spent a good long time walking in the orchard with him or carrying him! He's getting heavy too.

Last week Owen came down with a cold. The first one ever. His little nose is running like a faucet and I am not a fan of snot. I find it more gross than poo. And if I don't wipe it fast and right away he's getting snot all over the place. He got is across my face yesterday! And as would be expected I am now sick too. Morgan doesn't seem to be though. Which I find funny since I'm an almost compulsive hand-washer and he's not the most sanitary person. He said to me yesterday you know you're a parent when it occurs to you that you could just lick the crusty snot from your child's face if you don't have a tissue. Um, WHAT!? YUCK! I must not have very strong maternal instincts then because that thought NEVER occurred to me! Ga-ROSS! So it is odd that I am sick and he's not.

And I wanted to share a book that I'm reading. It's called Living the Creative Life by Rice Freeman-Zachery. She has compiled information about creativity from a variety of artists talking about their process, how they live and what creativity means to them and how it functions in their lives.

In one part of the book one of the artists mentions that her father was a contractor so she grew up around people who made things. And that just really resonated with me because I did too. I have many times thought about getting rid of all my "stuff" because it would be so much neater around here without it. And then I think "but what would I DO?" And I'm like that because I grew up with "doers". My grandmother was not a person to sit still. She was always doing. Not always in a creative way. Although when she did sit still it was to paint or knit or sew. Which is similar to how I am. I guess that's how I'm able to be still.

Anyway, it's a great book. Very insightful.


Colleen said...

Sorry to hear you're sick, but I know what it's like. With preschool now, it seems like Kyle is forever bringing something home!

The book sounds great! Might have to check it out...

You got some great pics and looks like it was a fun weekend!

Noelia said...

We're a little sick here too, runny noses are no fun! I much rather snot than poo but that's just me! hehe
Your orchard pictures are lovely. Owen is so handsome and he's growing so fast! He looks older with his little denim outfit, so cute!

We've never been apple picking! Can you believe it? We always say this year we will but never do, we alwys find out it's too late. I'll be checking that book, I got into reading again :)

toners said...

what a great set of photos! the apple ones are my favorites :) hope you're feeling better very soon!

Tina said...

You got some great seasonal pictures!

Dana said...

what cute pics!!!! Love em!

Lynn said...

Great photos! I can't believe that there were no apples for the picking! I didn't think it was that late, but I guess so.

I can't believe that Morgan said that about the snot! yuck! I must not be that maternal either then because I would never do that.

Sounds like a terrific book, I'll have to check it out when I get to Borders next week.

Jill said...

Such nice pictures! I love the one with the shovel - so sweet & dreamy! And the ones with the apple tree are pretty too!!!!

I toss out almost *everything*...and yet I still manage to be busy most always somehow...