Wednesday, October 17, 2007


Hooray! I found my checkbook and various wallet junk! It was in my shirt drawer under a pile of shirts! How clever am I!?

It's been dreary and rainy here for the last 3 days and that just makes me a bit cranky and out of sorts. I didn't accomplish much yesterday and I'm feeling like accomplishing even less today. Supposedly we should have a peek of sun today but judging from what it looks like outside right now, I'm not buying it. Our next chance at sun is Saturday or Sunday. This fall has not be lovely at all. Which is unfortunate because fall is my favorite season.

Last night we had a surprise visit from my mother-in-law! She was on her way back from visiting my sister-in-law and her family in Kansas but she missed the connection to Montana because the flight from Kansas was delayed. The plane was still here and at the terminal but they had closed the doors and refused to let the passengers on. Good ol' Northwest! Showing their timely and helpful service. Good for them. I'm hoping they continue to show how they've improved since their bankruptcy! Anyway... so Morgan picked her up at the airport and brought her back to our house. Owen was very surprised to see her this morning! But it was a short visit as we took her back to the airport this morning. Hopefully the rain will not delay her flight today!

Thank you to everyone who has experienced my lost issue and to my sister for volunteering to help me find my junk. Interestingly, she was always the one to help me find things when I was still living at home! She just has a knack for finding things I guess. Apparently not her own though!

Oh, and Ashton Henry has posted some interesting photos on his blog so pop on over and check them out. He's also trying to decide where he should travel to next! He had many generous offers.

And Maureen posed this challenge today:
Share four things about yourself that make you the person you are today as a creator/artist.

Interesting challenge. I've never actually thought about that.

1. Short attention span and need for instant gratification. I gave up drawing and painting after high school because I had ideas about who things should look (realistic) and that's now what I was producing. I wasn't patient enough to practice until they looked that way either. When I discovered rubber stamp images I was in heaven! I loved to color!
2. Genetics/nurturing. My grandmother was a great artist and my grandfather was a carpenter and I grew up around all of this creating. It's what they did and I was allowed to do it to. I got my first blood blister making the control panel for a space ship in my grandpa's garage with a hammer, nails, and a bunch of left over scrap stuff!
3. I'm a collector and I like to collect lots of things. Mostly things that I can repurpose, recycle and reuse. Sticks, TP tubes, egg cartons, restaurant coasters, hang tags from clothes.
4. I just like art. I always have. I guess I don't remember if my mom encouraged stuff like that but I don't doubt it. She encouraged most things we showed an interest in. And she made lots of stuff too. So Miranda and I were always creating and constructing and collecting. It's just part of who I am.

Great challenge Maureen!


Lizz said...

Ooh... I love that challenge! Might have to attempt the questions myself!

Dana said...

Glad you found your stuff...LOL Challenge sounds fun! Need to try.t

EquineSpirit said...

Great list! LOVE it! :D

toners said...

glad your things showed up! great post - I hadn't thought about the need for instant gratification but that definitely applies to me - perhaps that's why I do more cards than scrapbook pages right now :)

Noelia said...

I have a knack for finding lost items in the house too. I really thing it's because I have good visual memorization. I will scan a room for a moment or two and remember the items so when I'm around the house, I have a visual inventory of a room's contents in my brains....weird eh?

I like that list of what made you the artist you are today. You made me think a lot and I went back to my childhood. I want to dig deeper, thanks for the post.

Aimeslee said...

Hi, Heather! Love your answers to this challenge. I did it, too! Glad you found your stuff!