Monday, June 25, 2007

It's hotter than hades!

Minnesota is a funny place to live. In the winter it can get bitterly cold. And that cold makes us forget how swelteringly hot and humid it can be in the summer. I'm a fair weather person. Meaning I like it around 70˙, not humid, and partly cloudy. It is currently 78˙ out but feels a lot warmer because of the sun and the humidity. The forecast says a high of 90˙ for today and tomorrow. And around 80˙ for the rest of the week. Yuck. This weather makes my MIL talk about how lovely it is in Montana and NOT humid! Mind you, she grew up in Nebraska. HOT HOT HOT! and HUMID HUMID HUMID! Morgan and I were married August 17th. I would rather have been married in the fall but being a teacher and also in grad school my schedule would not permit this. So we opted for August. Three weeks before a girlfriend of mine got married at the Fort Snelling Chapel without air conditioning in 90+ degree weather. My MIL had been watching the weather forecasts for at least 2 months and telling us repeatedly that it was going to be sooo hot in our church. Also not air conditioned and a huge stone building to boot. It got so bad you thought she was going to perish in the heat and humidity. (Did I mention she grew up in NEBRASKA!?) You would have thought she was the one being zipped into a huge dress with layers of puffy stuff and nylons and a push-up bra! Well, the week of our wedding came and the weather was BEAUTIFUL. 75-80˙. Partly sunny. Not humid. The night of our wedding it stormed and rained all the next day but the day before and day of it was gorgeous! And my MIL didn't perish!

Anyway... on to more random things!

Owen has been having a bit of difficulty falling asleep again. So Friday night we ended up taking him for a drive. I grabbed my camera because I thought I'd take some pictures of I-don't-know-what while we were out. Well, Morgan had had a couple weekend adult beverages so he didn't want to drive so he ended up taking pictures while I drove. And here's one of them! LOVELY, isn't it! This is why I prefer to be behind the camera!
This is what we entertain ourselves with on the weekends. That and episodes of The Office on DVD. Morgan and usually start a game of scrabble and then continue it over the course of several days. He's particularly proud of himself this game because he got to start, used all his letters, and racked up a gazillion points his first turn. I have not hope of catching up!
Here's a picture of Owen and a big smile showing all 4 of his teeth!
And here he is taking a few steps all on his own! He's been doing this fairly often and it's only a matter of time before he masters it. Watch out world, here he comes!

The 2P's challenge for today is: What one piece of clothing do you own, that you have been wearing alot lately? And why? Blog about it... and share why u love it so much!

I recently bought a brown pair of bermuda shorts at Target. I wear them a lot because it's hot, they are the only pair of shorts that aren't athletic ones that fit, and did I mention they fit?? Oh, and they aren't ugly. Although on me, bermuda shorts look like 1/2 pants. But they cover up my chubby thighs so that's a bonus.

Since I've stopped working daily and stay home I am not in love with clothes. Oh, and they don't fit! There is the extra 15 pounds that I can't seem to cram into my regular clothes. And 15 pounds on a body that isn't even 5' tall is A LOT. And because it's pregnancy weight, it's around my middle. I don't have much of a waist anyway, but the weight in the middle doesn't help. At all. If I were normal size again my favorite item of clothing would be my green pants. They are a grass green and I love them. Kahki material sort of pants. Low rise, which on me is my waist, and comfortable. Sadly, they do not fit.

Last week I got exercise most days for almost an hour everyday and ate pretty well. And what did I get for all that work, a 2 pound GAIN! Go dieting! I LOVE it! Perhaps someone needs to confiscate my scale.


Maureen said...

Cute pic of Owen!!!

(and I have to agree with you about the heat; I hate it!)

Noelia said...

Congrats to Owen on this huge milestone! It's great that you captured it. Beware because things are going to change sooner than you think. The mastering of the first steps doesn't take that long!
Great pics by the way!

P.S Dan beats me in Scrable every single time and by a large margin too! I'm not a spelling bee, well at least not in english...does scrable have one b or two?

Lynn said...

I think that photo of you is terrific! I don't like photos of me either that is why I'm behind the camera most of the time also. Boy look at Owen with all those teeth. That is an awesome photo. And watch out.... it really doesn't look like it is going to be much longer before he is going to be running away from you laughing as he goes.

Anonymous said...

It is only cooler in Montana until the wild fires start - which seems to be a regular occurence.