Monday, June 11, 2007

Funny stuff...

I was obsessed with this orange slice the other day! I really wanted to get a closer picture but it wasn't working out. And I wanted the light passing through so you could see more detail but that wasn't working either! So here it is. As it is. A lovely orange slice!
This is Ludwig. He in the one dog kitchen cleaning crew! He's selective sometimes though. He's not into carrots. Cooked or raw. Most anything else will do though. He's recently figured out that Owen is a food source. And tonight he was eating off of Owen's tray! Morgan of course thinks it's funny and doesn't stop him! And Owen thinks it's funny too. Owen has recently discovered he can scare Ludwig when he's standing by his tray by making loud noises! They are quite a bunch, my boys!

This is my sister. In a comment yesterday she mentioned some pictures we took on Sunday while we were at their house for dinner. So here are a few of them.
I love the telephoto lens! I can zoom in and get good close ups! Behind her is her cool car!
And these are said "funny" action shots she was talking about yesterday! Here's the history... You know how athletes jump up and knock their chests together?? Well one day Morgan thought it would be funny to do this to me. I can't remember when, or where or why but he did this. And just about knocked me on my bum! And being the perfectionist that I am, I decided we needed to get this down. So we practiced and we are actually pretty good!

Until Morgan decides we are are no longer knocking chests and changes the body part! He of course doesn't mention the change to me and this is the result! Why I find this funny I cannot tell you. But just the fact that I can do it is entertaining!

And then I decided that Miranda and her boyfriend should do it too! And they happily agreed! At least they looked happy about it!

And this chest knocking stuff takes a bit of coordination. Especially when you are short! Fortunately I am not busty so if we miss I don't get hurt!

So now I've shared some ridiculousness with you! It's good to have a husband and a sister that will do silly stuff with you!


Noelia said...

Your photos of the chest knocking are hilarious! Those are great shots and I'm glad your mastered the chest/booty knocking techniques.

The orange slice is so beautiful :)

melissa said...

oh those are too funny!! :)

Miranda said...

Matt thought that it was weird because he says that we are disproportionate..because he is much taller than I am- I think he wasn't going all out for you either, because he can jump way bad he was holding back. Could of had some great action shots- of me falling down!!

Sherita1972 said...

Wow, I can almost smell that yummy orange. Between Rachel's strawberries and your orange...I think it's time to eat... :)

Ps. great pics of the chest knocking.

Lynn said...

The photos of you guys doing the "chest jump" are very funny. It reminds me of the Bryan Brothers (they are twins that play Mens Pairs Tennis). They do this after just about every great point they make. I've seen them in person do this. They do get a lot of height on their jumps.

Maureen said...

those are some funny pics. Thanks for sharing

Lora said...

These are hilarious! Thanks for the good morning giggle!