Thursday, June 07, 2007


Owen's test went well today and everything is A-okay! He was a very good baby! Morgan was able to go with us and that helped a lot. He had to hold him down a bit but not too much and after the cool Christmas lights and the Elmo video lost their charm I pulled out the graham crackers and they worked their magic until the end.

We were supposed to meet with Owen's doctor tomorrow to discuss the results but we were able to meet with a cardiologist at the heart clinic after the echo. He said everything looked great. There are no anatomical abnormalities with his heart and the cardiologist said that his episode is rather common with children his age. It's like sticking your foot in a lake. If it's cold your foot will turn purple. We did have a fan on his room that day and he must have gotten the chills. Morgan has a condition called mitrovalve prolapse and the doctor said Owen does not have that. Morgan's isn't serious but it's nice to know that Owen doesn't have it.

Tonight I made a great purchase. It was also a real bargain! I've been watching 50mm lenses on ebay. It's a fast lens which means it's good in low light. They weren't staying cheap enough on ebay for my budget so I decided to check out the local camera store and see if they had any. They did so I stopped in to try one out. I liked it instantly so decided I would buy it. It was way cheaper than on ebay too. $49.99. Well, the bargain part is that it was mismarked! Normally they sell them for $99.99 but someone priced it wrong! So it was my lucky day!

Here is a couple of test shots. The first is with my normal 18-70mm lens and the second is with the 50mm. Both are with rather low light from a single upright halogen lamp in our downstairs.
Huge difference, isn't it!? I adjusted the white balance on the second one just a bit but otherwise I shot them both with the same settings. Our camera has super steady shot built in so that helps but it's mostly the fast lens. I'm going to try it out on Owen tomorrow in the living room. We don't get good light in there in the late spring and summer so I'm hoping this lens helps with some of that. I don't like to use a flash so I try to make the most of the available natural light when I can.

Lastly, the 2P's challenge for today is: If you could own the world's largest collection of anything, what would it be?

Interesting question Bonnie Rose! And difficult for me because my first reaction would be "where the heck would I keep all that!?" No matter what it is! I think I'm going to go with gnomes. That way I could keep them outside in a large garden and go out to visit them whenever I want! I'm sure some of my friends are shaking their heads right now!

Have a great Friday!


Brenda Smith said...

What a huge difference that lense made. What a great gift that it was mismarked! Good for you!

Candice said...

I, too, have a mitral valve prolapse. I was diagnosed with it when I was 18 after I was having chest pains. I'm only 22, and I remember how scary it was when my doctor told me what it was. I mean, I know it isn't a big deal and not really serious, but I kind of felt like it was. So I can only imagine what you are going through with having to deal with that as a parent :( Heart problems run in my family BIG TIME so the fact that I have anything wrong at all really concerns me.

EquineSpirit said...

((HUGS!!)) and glad to hear Owen's appointment went well and everything is alright!! That's such wonderful news!

Congrats on your new lens! The photos look awesome! And great answer to the challenge...gnomes are really cool!

Miranda said...

Well, thats my kind of deal! 1/2 off, you can't beat that! Glad to know that O is all OK :)

BonnieRose said...

gnomes are so cute... and love those pics of hubby.. u have a great camera... good for u!

melissa said...

wow that lense worked out awesome! lucky you for the mark down ;)

glad to hear Owen's apt went well

as for my wish for the largest collection: I would so go for the largest collection of shoes, purses, or scrapbook supplies! but I am so like you in the aspect of where would I put it all? lol

Noelia said...

Heather, I had to go back a few days to check what had happened with Owen because I was puzzled. I would've been scared too. I'm so relieved that he's ok and that it was just a little draft that made him feel cold. I've been doing a little bit of catch up with your posts.
Why am I not surprised about the gnomes collection?
Congrats on your new lense!