Thursday, April 26, 2007

Week 15...

Here is my card for week 15 of the DOM challenge. The theme was "parents".
Initially I was not excited about this theme. I don't have two parents. Well, I do. I obviously was not conceived immaculately! But growing up, and now, I've always just had my mom. And then I decided it was okay for my theme to be just "parent". But then I couldn't decide what to do. I wanted a picture of my mom but these are few and far between and the good ones I have are of her and Owen! There is one I wanted to use of when I was small but it's at my mom's house. So yesterday I went downstairs to work on this. I found the "she loves me" on some pattern paper, I picked a piece of green cardstock that was lying on my table and cut it to size, got out the rubons, did the journaling and then the paint. It took me all of about 10 minutes I think and I love how it turned out.
My childhood was not always easy or rosey but I always knew that my mom loved me. Even when I thought she was too strict or being mean. She did the best she could for my sister and me and has always supported us in whatever we've done. No matter what. Well, there was this one time when I decided it would be a good idea to get engaged at 22 and a junior in college. She was not happy about that. But I got over it and him and so did she.
Earlier this morning (4am!) Owen woke up and needed a little mommy comfort. After he fell asleep and I put him back down Morgan and I were talking about childhood memories. He doesn't seem to have a lot of them earlier than the third grade. I on the other hand remember tons of stuff from as early as 3. So I was telling him about some of them. And those events, big and small, are part of who I am and my mom is the reason that lots of those happen. Our parents, one or two (or more!), shape us from early on. They give us a foundation upon which to stand and as adults it's always there. Even when we don't realize it.

Here are the goodies I bought last Saturday after my classes with Donna. I couldn't leave a Scrapbook store without some goodies! I'm going to use the Flourishes on Denise's circle journal because her word is FLOURISH!
If you live in the Twin Cities, Scrapbooks Too is a great store! Lots of great supplies and all nicely organized. Sue, the owner, is very nice too.

The 2P's challenge for today is:
Challenge: Have you ever had a miracle? Witnessed a miracle?

There isn't one that comes to mind right now. But I know they happen and I believe in them. I believe that God is working in us and through us and around us everyday. And sometimes miracles are teeny tiny and other times they are huge.

Actually, I've changed my mind. Owen is a miracle. And everyday I thank God for bringing him to me and Morgan.


saffiertje said...

Great words on your card!

BonnieRose said...

I love all your new stuff.. and ur card rocks.. I can so relate to what u shared. and yes, I wud agree with u, our children are living miracles, they truly are.

Yellow Fence said...

Your goodies look like so much fun. Hope you have fun playing with them!


roos said...

beautiful card

Je@net said...

Beautiful card and great words!!

It's Not Easy Being Green said...

Great card! Don't you love it when a card comes together so fast?! I have those stamps. They are great!

Noelia said...

Love how your card turned out and that it only took you 10 minutes!
Have fun with your new goodies!