Monday, April 23, 2007

Better late...

than never. I've gotten behind on my blogging!

I had a fabulous weekend! On Saturday I got to take 2 classes at Scrapbooks Too with Donna Downey. I couldn't tell you the last time I took a class! I usually teach them or help everyone at my crops. I went by myself, no friends or other people I knew. Just me and the other people in the classes that I didn't know! The first one was at 11:30 am. The second was at 8:30pm. Both were great but the 8:30 was my favorite. That is about the time I create at home, there were fewer people in the class, and it was a more creatively free class with a more relaxed atmosphere. Donna was a terrific instructor. She teaches her classes like I taught art in my classroom. I loved that.

This is the journal we made in the book binding class.
This is Donna demonstrating how to do something.
This is me and Donna!
And this is the album we made from "garbage" as Donna says, in the Creative License class.

The cover is made of chipboard and covered with a brown shopping bag. She said you can use leftover "garbage" to make covers and such. Cardboard etc.

On Sunday my mom picked Owen up for the afternoon so Morgan and I could get some work done around the house. I didn't get as much done as I had hoped but every little bit counts. I'm hoping to get more work done this weekend as Morgan parents will be arriving Thursday morning and Owen's party is next Saturday. I can't believe my little man is going to 1 already!

It's been nice out lately so we've been going to the park to swing. He loves the swing. He's also been enjoying some time playing in the yard. He's fascinated with leaves and sticks.
(tilt your head to the left for better viewing!)
This week I need to get back to creating something everyday. I've fallen behind on that too. I've got 2 cards to do to be caught up on my Deck of Me challenge. Even though the weather has been lovely I've been in a bit of a slump!


BonnieRose said...

so glad u had fun with donna.. love all those great pics! hugs

melissa said...

lucky you taking classes with donna-the projects look awesome!

and those pics of your little one are so precious

Dana said...

Cute pics. HOw cool is it that you got to meet Donna D. You lucky girl!

Noelia said...

Ohhh you're so lucky to have taken classes with Donna! I love her books! Your projects are great!
Love those Owen pics, weather has been good here too.
It's great to have you back in blogland, I missed you girl!

It's Not Easy Being Green said...

You lucky duck! Looks like you had a fun and creative time with Donna!

beth j said...

and that was you? that's crazy. too bad we didn't know about that before hand or we could have met. are you the sock money t-shirt maker?

Nicole said...

What terrific photos! Donna's expression is just priceless - I'm really wondering just *what* she's trying to explain with that face! :)