Tuesday, April 17, 2007

A little funny...

My cousin e-mailed this to me and I just had to post it. Having been a classroom teacher I heard kids say a lot of funny things. I miss that. I will probably change my mind about that once Owen starts talking though!

Here is Owen in his Ladies Man t-shirt that my sister made for him. I had a hard time getting a picture of him in it because he moves so fast!

Here is the shirt that I made for him. He's wearing it today but we haven't had time for pictures.

This is Frannie the felt Frog that my sister made for me for Easter. She will hang out with Olivia the pig in my craftroom.
And this is the felted Easter basket my mom made. She made one for each of us. (Me and Miranda). Today is a lovely day here in MN. The sun just popped out and it's looking like it will be up in the low 60's. This week is supposed to be like that all week. I love this part of spring. The sun is out, the temperature is just right and everything is starting to green up. We can have the windows open and get all the stale winter air out.

I don't think I've mentioned this recently but I think body snatchers took my husband. One night last week he had his cell phone and his wallet on the vanity in the bathroom. He put them there on purpose. Both of them together. He's lucky if he knows where they both are at the same time! And he had his shoes in the bathroom and his clothes hanging on the door knob of the closet in the hallway. I crawled into bed and asked where my real husband was. He said he was trying to be more organized. He's also been reading some books from the library about decluttering and being organized. He's writing a speech on this topic. Hence the books. But I think it's also occurred to him that clutter can have an affect on your mood and disposition. That it is irritating to not know where things are and have piles of papers and stuff all over. Can I just say HALLELUJAH! I've been waiting for this to happen! I've been hoping for it. I've been trying to force it upon him. And I guess I just had to wait for it to come to him on it's own.

Now I will be the first to admit I have a lot of stuff. But over the years I've parted with things that I don't need, won't use, and don't have space for. Every spring and fall I go through all my clothes and get rid of what I don't wear. Well, sort of. I'm still hanging on to this I KNOW I will get back into! I get rid of all our bill statements after they clear the bank. I particularly dislike mail. Good mail I love. Junk I don't. I'd prefer not to get any of the coupons in the mail but you can't opt out of those I guess. But they go right into the recycling. And I can make a mess. And I do. But I try to contain it to my craftroom where it won't bother anyone but me. I guess my point in all of this is that for years I've been the only one fighting this clutter battle and now it seems I might have an ally! He is doing the dishes more! And that is always a plus!


Lynn said...

Heather, just loving Owen's pic with his ladies man shirt on! What a great job you and your sister did on the t-shirts.
Your little frog is just adorable. I'm sure she will fit right in your craftroom.
I'm happy to hear that Morgan is trying to be more organized. I wish I could jump onto that bandwagon. I really need to. I'm all cluttered. And lets not even go back to my diningroom table. Yep... fully loaded again and I was gone for 2 weeks. Just dd and dh home this time. So I guess its just not me like I thought. lol

BonnieRose said...

maybe ur hubby will be a newer, new and improved version huh? lol

Noelia said...

That cartoon made me lol. Owen is growing up so fast. Look at him, he's standing effortless and confident, what a cutie! Love those t-shirts he's wearing. Your sister and your mom's stuff is really neat, no wonder you've been gifted with a creative gene, it's in the family! Kuddos to Morgan for trying to improve his organization skills. Dan has this book called "Clean like a man" lol. That title just cracks me up! You know how much I HATE clutter and you're so right about it affecting your mood. I get cranky when my house is messy.

Vee said...

that shirt is so cute!!