Sunday, September 23, 2007


life gets in the way of our best intentions. As I've mentioned many times before I am a bit rigid in my expectations. Of myself mostly. And sometimes other people. Mostly Morgan. I have not found the ABS diet to be delivering the results I wanted so I went back to the 3-hour diet (insert Mom rolling eyes and thinking "quit with the books") but a bit modified. I wanted to be able to fit into some pants without elastic when we went to Montana. So I set some goals for the week and a goal of losing 8 pounds by the time we left. We leave in 6 days. I've still got the 8 pounds to lose. Not for a lack of trying mind you. I've tried. I've worked. I've gone without. Which is the part that doesn't work for me. And I know this! So the last few days I've had some cravings. And I've caved to them. Ice cream. Chocolate. Pizza. Which I don't care all that much about. I just prefer Morgan not make a mess in the kitchen that is almost clean. I'm starting to get concerned. I've never had this much difficulty losing weight once I put my mind to it. But since I had Owen it's be difficult. Even once I set my mind to it and got back on track. And I'm not patient. Which is not a good combination. And I'm so tired. Even though I'm eating well, drinking a body of water a day, and getting plenty of exercise. I even think I'm sleeping better. But who can tell. When you're asleep and all. So maybe I need to go to the doctor.

And then there's the messy house. Which I can't deal with anymore. I've spent most of the weekend cleaning. And doing laundry. And putting it away. I like to clean. I like to do laundry. I just wish there wasn't so much to do! Always so much to do.

I'm also in a creative funk. I go down to my craft cave and just sit. Looking at all my fun supplies. And I can't come up with a thing to make. Pictures hold me back. Not a lack of them. But sizing them. That's the thing about digital. I can size and crop and mess until I have exactly what I want. But I can't seem to decide what I want! Morgan had a great idea though. He suggested maybe I do the layout first and then add the pictures so then I will know what size I want them to be and can add them last. I can know which pictures I want to use and make a place holder for them in the layout and then add them when I'm ready. I thought that was a great idea! One of these days I'm going to make him scrapbook with me. Since I have participated in all of his hobbies in some way or another. Biking, hiking, skiing. Beer brewing, bread baking etc. Some very much against my will and better judgment.

And finally there is Owen. Who has been sleeping decently but has been a fuss bucket while awake. I was trying out other diaper brands recently and the last set (Luvs) did not seem to work well. I also think he ate some undercooked chicken at Macaroni Grill the other night. So the Luvs caused a bit of a rash and then he's had diarrhea for two days so he's got a rather raw and sore bum. Last night I let him go without a diaper in the kitchen for a while. Which turned out to be a bit of a mess given the diarrhea. Ugh! Three times he had a squirt on the floor! And wasn't happy about having to be wiped after it. I think it's getting a bit better though. Not so raw and tender. But he still cringes at the sight of the diaper changing pad. So if you have suggestions for a good rash remedy let me have em!

So that's life her in a nutshell. Now I'm going to go watch the season premier of Desperate Housewives. Life on Wisteria Lane is always worse then mine!

Oh, and stop by and say hello to Ashton Henry. He's got his own blog now! And if you have been participating in Funky Photo Friday there will be a new challenge posted October 12th. I've got to have time to get material for new challenges, redesign the blog, and get a flickr group ready!


Sherri said...

Your post sounds a bit like my life right now LOL hang in there. As for the diaper rash, a little tetre oil in a bath will do wonders I use Melaleuca's T36-C5 oil on my lil guy.

toners said...

Oh I'm so sorry! Things will get better. The diaper rash ointment we always used was good ol' Vaseline; a bit messy but did the trick. ((hugs)) to you!

Noelia said...

That's totally me right now.
1- I was in a funk because of weight issues.
2- We've had a set-back with potty training due to unforseen circumstances...
3- Mr. Mojo only seems to stay for short periods of time...

I used a medicated ointment that worked wonders for diaper rash but I can't recall the name of it. I will search and let you know.

Aimeslee said...

Oh, dear. I have a feeling I'm gonna be in for it from you after reading this. (check your email).

But anyways, I blogged today about my spread in your cj if ya wanna look at it....

And, anything Gold Bond works wonders for me. I myself have chafing and occasional rashes from my overhanging boobs and muffin top, but when I keep Gold Bond on it (in the greeish blue pump bottle - Triple Action), it not only clears up the rash, it soothes and protects my skin, so I never have even redness. I adore the stuff. And I think they make diaper rash ointment, too. So, I'd totally highly recommend it for anything akin-related, even for a baby.

And about your lack of energy, it takes several days of good long sleep (8 or more hours daily) to give you more energy. And my secret weapon right now is green tea. I wish you would try just drinking one cup of it first thing every morning before anything else, it gives me a big burst that last almost all day long. And it's one of Noeli's 10 Super Foods. Lipton green tea bags at the grocery store is what we buy, nothing fancier than that.

Hope you get to feeling more like you.....Big hugs xoxo

P.S. - don't get in a deadline tizzy over the FPF challenges, we can wait for you, and if ya need any help with the Flickr group set-up, I will gladly volunteer whatever you need help with.

And that gnome blog is hilarious, so cute, so funny.

BonnieRose said...

hang in there heather. LIfe does get better... hang on.

Lynn said...

Wow, it seems like everyone is in a little funk or has major "life" events going on lately. Same here. I would suggest going to the dr. It could be nothing or you never know it could be something very simple and diagnosed with a blood test. Having a baby sure does change how our bodies work. Mine was my thyroid. It can't hurt to be checked.
Now as for your MOJO... I am just kind of getting mine back. I was awol for months if you remember, but something snapped and I've been on the up swing.
Ahhhh,,, poor Owen... is he teething???? I know that one of my kids got a bad rash when he was teething. My peditrican gave usa prescription for something calle Lotrisone (I think). Don't forget, that was many years ago. My dh use to call it "GOLD". kills me.
Now I visited Ashton Henry's blog and it seems like he is going on an adventure. I hope he takes some warm clothes with him. It may get cold at night.