Thursday, September 27, 2007

Shopping and other woes...

Yesterday morning Owen and I went shopping for jeans. I decided I should have something besides my black elastic waist pants to wear while in Montana. I have an assortment of these pants. They are part of my SAHM uniform. Black pants with elastic, t-shirt either short sleeved or long, athletic socks (when it's cool) or none (when it's warm) and sandals or some other slip on shoe. I do have one pair of jeans that I bought shortly after Owen was born that fit. Sort of. They are Levi's with a little stretch in them. They like to find their way to the smallest part of my body. Which is apparently my knees!

To back up a bit, I did look at Penny's for a jeans after work on Tuesday. Their petite department has a lot to be desired. Unless you are 80. Then it's good. All of them jeans and pants are bootcut. I cannot wear that style jeans. Well, I suppose I could, if I wanted to accentuate the part of my body that I am really trying to hard to hide, and deny it's existence! So I asked a sales lady if they had jeans that were not bootcut. I told her I didn't care if they were petite or not I can hem them. But she said I'd need them for the rise. Oh, yes, the rise. Or the lack of rise, I should say. So she proceeds to show me the ugliest jeans they have. In color. In style. In cut. No thanks. Sorry to have bothered you.

So back to Kohl's. I load up the stroller with a stack of jeans a foot thick and wheel us into the biggest fitting room I can find. I undress while Owen tries to wiggle free of the stroller. I try on jeans, Owen wiggles. Both of us have no luck. I haul the stack of jeans out to the return rack and proceed to the petite department where I hope I will have more luck. Why they can't put all the jeans together is beyond me. I think Nikki needs to go to Kohl's and do some reorganizing. She likes to be in charge. She'd do a fantastic job!

In the petite department I come across a whole rack of jeans that are A. for petite women B. NOT expensive C. have some stretch in them. Yippee! I again load up the cart and proceed into the dressing room. To prevent the wiggling I give O some snacks. I brought in two of each style in two different sizes. I decide to try the larger size first. Low and behold they are the ones that fit. I am a bit disappointed by this as it is not a size I wear. Or rather, want to wear. At any rate it is NOT MY SIZE! But I roll up the bottom (yes, I am that short!) and go out to the three way mirror to check out how things look in the back. As I turn around and get a glimpse of my backside I realize that it is not my butt in the mirror. I don't know who's it is, but it is certainly not mine! NOT MINE! It cannot be my butt. It just can't. Someone has put their junk in my trunk. I am not happy about this. But the jeans do fit. And thanks to spandex are comfortable when I sit down and do the deep knee bends. But there are different styles with different pockets and finishes so my work is not yet done. I don't bother with the other smaller size as it is not going to fit. That butt will not fit! So I take the two pair I do like and put the rest back. I try on a couple more. Admire (not really) the NOT MY butt in the mirror a couple more times and decide on two pair. Plus a pair of fall crops and a cute pair of casual mary janes in brown.

Now that I have the jeans home I'm still undecided about them. They are comfortable. But they are also more fitted than what I am accustomed to. Namely my black elastic waist pants. I don't like clothes to be restricting. But maybe if I did have a little restricting I wouldn't have someone else's butt behind me. So I may have to go back to the store. Alone. Without Mr. Wiggles. And try on some more jeans. Until I'm sure I've found a pair I can wear. For more than say 5 minutes.

On another note I did find a cute black cable knit cardigan at Penny's. And the sleeves are not to long! It's my new favorite sweater!

I really hate shopping for clothes!

In other news, Owen is not sick from bad chicken. I took him to the doctor on Tuesday. He's not dehydrated, no temp, tummy feels fine. She thinks it's due to teething. He has one coming in on top in the front. But yesterday I got brave and decided to stick my finger in there and feel around. I made sure to keep my finger to the sides of him mouth because he will bite if he gets the chance. And sure enough I felt a pointy part of his gums! He's getting a molar!

The diaper rash is clearing up and the diarrhea is too! I'm so happy about this! I was not looking forward to taking him on a plane for 2 hours with the prospect of changing one of those diapers in flight! I get on, sit down, and don't get up until the plane lands again!

And now it's time to make lunch and rouse Owen so we can go have lunch with Grammie and Auntie Sissy!


Teresa Loop said...

Oh. my. goodness. Jeans shopping is just as bad as bathing suit shopping if you ask me. Hate it.

On another note, I hope Owen cuts that tooth quickly to get some relief! Have you tried the homeopathic teething tablets? They worked for my kiddos!

Lynn said...

I can't go shopping for jeans! Nothing every fits me right. I have long legs for my 5' 6 1/2" body so nothing fits right. If I get it to fit my hips... its way too tight at the waist. If I get the bigger waist... its so loose aroung my hips and thighs. Whats a girl to do. Black elastic waist spandex pants! Good luck with your search for the perfect jeans... I'm sure they are out there somewhere.
I'm so happy to hear that Owen was not sick from the chicken, but I really didn't think he was to begin with. I thought it was teething. Just reminded me of DJ! Good luck with it. Its always a fun venture.

Lynda J P said...

oh i see we have the same mirror...
glad u found some jeans. hope owen cuts that molar and fast, once it breaks the's sailing..
i wore a sweater today..and notice i couldn't see my tummy...all i saw were boobs..i was hey, where did those come from , those can't be mine...either it was a good sweater or my curves workout is workin'
hope u have a safe trip to montana..
lynda in calif

Aimeslee said...

Oh my gosh, I giggled at the trunk junk comment, LOL. I know it's tough for the clothes to be tighter when used to a looser fit, but I also know we all tend to see funhouse shapes in those mirrors, LOL, when it's not that bad in reality. So I hope if you don't find better pants, you'll enjoy the ones that are fitted. And remember, men love trunk junk. Oh yes they do! *grins* Have a great weekend! <3

Anonymous said...

Heather...lets go shopping! I have some great ideas for you! Think about you best feature and work around that! You are dwelling too much on what you don't like. Consider skirts, above the knee, cute tighs and a great pair of flats. and boom there you go, no more jean worries! The 3/4 sleve is all the rage now, so get a cute waist lenght jacket to go with the skirt and you will be styling! Not to mention feeling so much better about yourself. Why should we have to wear jeans anyway! Moms should feel good about how they look!
Keep smiling! Pam

Gina (frazzledmom) said...

Hello Heather! Long, long time, huh? I am back in the land of the living, and catching up on my fave bloggers. Oh my, how Owen has grown! What a cutie - your photos rock. I hope he gets some tooth relief soon. And as for the jeans - check out Zafu. I still haven't taken the leap, but it was fun finding my perfect jeans! :)

Will pop in to visit you again soon.

Noelia said...

The best kind of shopping is window shopping!! haha
I don't care for clothes shopping, not my thing. But shopping for home decor and accesories is totally MY THING. I can spend hours at home decor stores and totally feel like I died and woke up in Heaven.

I can relate to your post, I feel the same way when I shop for shoes. I can never find a pair that fits and that looks cute on me. The only reason I love summer is because I get to wear flip flops.

Heather, we should start our own petite and curvy clothing line ;)

MNScrapbookmom said...

I just had this issue also... I hate shopping for jeans. I posted a jeans post on my blog a few days ago because I finally got lucky regarding my jeans. I went to Old Navy. They have a new line that is quite flattering. Curvy woman can use the Sweetheart line, which I am also. They also carry a petite, regular, and long lengths. Hope this helps. Try Old Navy before you return the ones that your unsure about, and then let me know if you got lucky !!! ¥

Raquel said...

I can relate to your shopping dilemma. I hate shopping for jeans.