Friday, September 07, 2007

Hello Friday!

This will be a rambling post so if you don't like those move on...

The MN heatwave appears to be over. It's currently 74˚ and mostly sunny and low humidity! Hooray! Had a few storms move through yesterday and behind them was a cold front. Which from what the weather people say means better weather. I am very particular (I know my mom is chuckling here) about weather and what is comfortable for me for being outside. (I'm particular about a lot of stuff actually.) I like it between 60˚-75˚. And seriously, 75˚ is my max when it's sunny. And a little breeze is nice. And not too sunny. I burn easily and I don't like to wear sunscreen except on my face. (Thank you Oil of Olay). By mid next week it will be in the mid 60's and I am totally ready for that.

Today has been a good day. Despite being woken up by my loving husband at 5am. I decided at 6am to just get up and do my workout. So nice to have that done! Then when Owen got up we had breakfast, did some playing, and then I took a bath while he made as much noise in the bathroom as possible. That was totally great! Because I LOVE loud noises! The more the better. (Are you sensing the sarcasm). And this is where you wonder, "how did she manage to teach children for 8 years!??" You are not the only one to wonder this! As with lots of things in my life I was in control of the noise. When it happened. How loud it was. How long it lasted. Being in charge. It's a good thing.

I've been in a photography rut lately. It's like I'm blind. I can't zero in on things. It's a little bothersome. So I've been sewing. Working on the placemats with the Amy Butler fabric. I'm loving how they are turning out. The fabric is just so lovely. Bright and beautiful and pushing the tacky envelope just a tiny bit. I think that may be my new description for myself!

Speaking of me... I was watching Oprah the other day, which I hardly ever do (not a good TV time around here) and she had women on, mid 30's and older, who were in some way or another in the best shape, condition, mindset, of their life. Women from the Campaign for Real Beauty too. And it was just so inspiring. Particularly this one woman who had started practicing Tae Kwon Do at at 41 was in the best shape she'd ever been in. She talked about not being athletic as a child. Not being in shape and before beginning this how she was not happy. And I just had this profound ah-ha moment. No Tae Kwon Do, but change my mind. I don't have to look at the picture I have of myself at 22 and wish to be that way again. I can be better than that! I can change my career path. I can still do whatever I want to. And why I keep forgetting that I just don't know. My mom is still being whatever she wants just like she always has! So I'm going to continue to try and be a hot mommy! Even at under 5 feet tall!

Here's a few peaches for you to delight in. The picture is not how I envisioned it when I took it! Too much yellow. But the peaches have been so wonderful this summer. The Colorado ones. Firm, ripe and come off the pit easily. I don't each peaches off the pit. They need to be sliced. I don't like my food messy!
And just a bit more....

A few things I've been thinking about lately. Things I don't get. About people.

1. Stocking hats in the summer. What is that about?
2. All cars are equipped with turn signals right? Why can't people use them?? I find it's the people who drive the most expensive cars who use them the least. Maybe they are not in a convenient place.
3. Sourdough bread. Could it be any more difficult to make??
4. If I am lifting all the weights, why isn't the fat burning!?
5. Stupid people. Why are they always in charge of something? No else notices their stupid?? How can this be??
6. (and finally) Leash laws. Obey them! Just obey them and we will all be a little bit safer.

Have a great weekend! If you're in MN or western WI don't forget to check out the big sale in Lakeland on Sunday!! Info is below. If you need more put in a comment and I will give directions!


Stephanie said...

Isn't it nice to just ramble sometimes! Just get everything we have on our minds out there.
Love the pic of the peach. Looked so inviting!
As for the noise. I think Mommies should come with built in ear plugs! LOL!

toners said...

Great post! And sooo many things on your list that I agree with, LOL!!

The noisy baths...I remember those!! I'm glad the kids are now old enough that I can tell them not to disturb me unless someone is bleeding profusely or has a limb hanging off :)

Lynn said...

I love this post! It's got everything I think about in it. I mean really... being woken (is that a word??) by dh, taking a relaxing bath (yeah, right! I put the music up really loud when I'm in there, lol), the weather (been too humid here), kids (let's not even go there, you've been to my blog this week, lol), and the list will continue if I let it.
I've been in a little photography rut myself lately. Not to mention dd seemed to break my camera the other and I didn't find out until last night when I was trying to get it all ready for today.
There is so much going on I hope you have a great weekend.

Noelia said...

I love random ramblings. I'm with you about the right kind of weather, I don't like it hot and a breeze is always nice. I'm sure your magic touch in photography will come back. It's a good thing that you're switching to other creative stuff to give that other thing a rest. I'm been scrapping lately and for once it's not a CJ! Yay me! Anyway, have fun at the stamp sale, I would attend if I could. There are some stampin'up discontinued stamps that I would love to purchase. Have a good weekend.

EquineSpirit said...

I am TOTALLY with you on the lifting weights...I've been exercising and "dieting" like mad but have I lost any weight?? fact I've once again GAINED! ACK!'re it! Check out my blog for the details of the tag! *wink*

BonnieRose said...

great POST Heather.. loved it, i watched that Oprah episode too.. it was a good one, so inspiring.. we all are unique women time to celebrate that fact! hugs