Friday, July 06, 2007

Holiday recap...

Independence has taken on a whole new meaning in our house recently. Owen is practicing his walking every chance he gets. He's also practicing throwing a fit by throwing his head back when we pick him up or rolling around on the floor and crying.
He loves to get into the baking cabinet in the kitchen. There isn't much in there that he shouldn't have so we let him explore.
Bowls are always lots of fun!

On Wednesday we went hiking out in Afton State Park. It was hot and humid so we didn't last as long as we would have liked to. It was Owen's first time riding in the hiking pack. He seemed to be fine with it.

Here are a few of my moss studies! I enjoyed the hike more after I found something to take pictures of! Morgan decided I wasn't as slow as he thought. I just stopped so much to take pictures!

After our hike we went to my mom's house for dinner with her and Miranda. After dinner Owen went in the "pool" with daddy.
The hot tub is just the right sized pool for Owen! It's smaller and more interesting than a regular pool and also a bit warmer!
Morgan went in too. Which is always good for Owen and bad for me. I ended up getting wet even though I wasn't in the pool. They both love squirty toys.


Jill said...

SUCH sweet pictures & cutie boy!!! I haven't been over here in a little while (messed up my bookmarks to put it mildly...). You've done a lot! I love how the black borders around the photos look!

Lynn said...

Heather, it sounds like you guys had a great day! Love the photos of Owen and Morgan. The photos of Owen with all the bowls out would make for a great layout. Next TOP CHEF!

Noelia said...

I'm loving the recent pictures of Owen! I can't believe he's walking and making trouble in the kitchen cupboards ;)
Hiking and relaxing in the hot tub sounds like a perfect weekend! Love your moss study pictures, I love moss in general but these pics are so green and beautiful.

toners said...

What great photos! They really capture summer :)