Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Life with a 4 year old...

These are pretty good examples of what I get when I try to take pictures of Owen lately.

On both occasions the light was near perfect. In the first one I knew just by the light that I would get awesome catch lights. I could see them in O's eyes while we were sitting outside chatting. I told him I was going to get my camera and take some pictures of him. Just a few. I even offered him a dollar, which he was pretty excited about. Until he realized I actually wanted him to look at me for the picture and I was going to take more than one. Then he wanted his camera (my little P&S) to take pictures of me. I consented to this but he still was uncooperative. I did get a couple other cute ones but none with the catch lights like the first one.

The second picture I took at a local park in the evening. Perfect evening light. But again, Owen was not happy about having his picture taken and I got mostly monster faces, roaring faces, or him simply turning his head. I would like to do his four year portraits but I don't think he will cooperate long enough for me to get anything good! I may just end up using the first picture in this post.

I am amazed at all the things Owen is curious about lately, the questions he asks and his active and creative imagination. He's always asking or saying or doing something that is fun or fascinating. Tonight it was about testicles. He was under the impression that pee was stored there. I told him his pee was kept in his bladder that was up into his body. Then of course he asked what testicles were for. I told him he didn't really need them until he was older. Truthfully, since I don't have testicles I don't know what all they do! I guess I'll have to google it!

We are leaving for Montana on Saturday morning. We are flying out and driving back. Morgan's parents are giving us their old car. It will replace mine, which we are donating to an automotive repair training school. It seems their is a sensor or something in the transmission that has gone awry. So the car runs fine it just doesn't "go". We could repair it but we were planning to replace one of our cars with Morgan's mom's car anyway, we just didn't know when or which car. So this has decided it.

And it turns out or dish washer wasn't broken after all! It just overloaded the motor and need time to sit and reset it self. Thank goodness. We like having a dishwasher!


Sarah said...

The photos make me laugh and yet I get your frustration behind them. "Just one smile, please???" :) I'm already seeing hints of this. Dylan used to pose & grin for every shot. Now I get the "really? another one?" look more often and he's only 11 months! LOL

The story about his curiosity cracked me up. Particularly because Dylan has entered that "discovery" faze and every diaper change is now an opportunity to grab. My mom teased him last week that if he kept it up, it might fall off! :D

Anonymous said...

I had a good laugh!
Have fun in Montana.

jillconyers said...

Home from vacation and catching up with friends. Some of the "uncooperative" photos turn out to be my favorite. So much personality. This coming from someone who often bribes her kids for photos LOL I keep telling them one day you will be glad that I was so annoying with my camera.

Janet said...

Too funny! I think we have all been through the "goofy faces" stage with kids. I've even had trouble with my 17-year old!

Those pics are still awesome, Heather. They really capture the age, funny faces and all! :)

BTW, what a great idea to donate your car!