Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Toddler tidbits...

On Saturday Owen did his #2 business in the potty chair again. I yelled for Morgan and his mom to come look. My father-in-law did not come to visit this time and he'd been asking my MIL every time she talked to him how many pictures she'd taken. She's not real comfortable with the digital camera yet so she hadn't taken a lot. She thought it would be funny if we sent him a picture of Owen's latest "accomplishment". We did, he wrote back, "serious pile."

On Monday Owen did his 3rd #2 business in the potty before I left for work. My sister and I were talking in the living room when Owen came running through yelling "I POOPED AND PEED! I POOPED AND PEED!" He was thrilled. So we went in to see and he said, "Take a picture!" I guess that's what happens when you've photographed his first two "masterpieces"! I did not take a picture.

Yesterday while driving in the car I put the window down. Owen tends not to like having the breeze from my window and asks me to put it up. Which he did. I put down the passenger side one a bit instead. Then he asked me to put down his window. So I did. He put his hands up and said, "I like fresh air too! I blows around my hair!"

We had our last toddler class today. We will no longer be with the same children or mamas for our class next year. We are all doing something different. It was a bit of a bittersweet thing. We are planning to get together throughout the summer and then as mamas one a month. I feel very fortunate to have formed friendships with such fun and wonderful women. Next year Owen will be doing a preschool class with one other boy from the class, which I am happy about. They are a lot alike and get along well. It will be nice to have a friend in the parent class too. It's 2 day a week preschool with one day being 1/2 with me in the room and then 1/2 with me in my own class. I still feel like I need that support! And the second day will be a drop-off day! Owen will love that. But he will be disappointed that he doesn't ride the bus yet!

Owen's birthday is in six days. His birthday party is on Saturday. He will be having a couple of his friends over in addition to family. Our theme this year is Super Heroes. I am making a cape for Owen and masks for him and the other children. I don't know what else we are going to do but hopefully it will be nice out and they can play outside!

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miranda said...

What kind of mask are you making for Naunee???