Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Potty humor...

This morning Owen and I went into the bathroom for our first of many morning potties. He on the elmo potty, me on the big potty. (If this is too much for you STOP reading! But afterall, everyone potties! And poops for that matter!) Owen goes, I go. Then he shouts, "PUT YOUR PENIS DOWN!" (From the beginning we've been encouraging him to aim down. So we tell him to put or point his penis down). Then he gets up and says, "mama, you put your penis down?" Then looks there and says, "where's your penis??" Upon determining that he didn't see one he said, "turn around. What's in the back?" (Like perhaps it was on backwards!) So I had to explain (again) that I don't have a penis. Only boys have a penis, girls don't have a penis. I didn't go into details about what girls have. Since toddlers are visual learners I'm not going to get into that discussion. Then he said, "big boys have a penis too!" Yup, all boys have a penis. Glad we cleared that up. For today at least.

Incidentally potty training is still going well. At least at home. He's not keen on the big potties at stores or church or Mimi's house. Thank goodness Mimi still had a potty chair! With a lid even. That was pretty fun for Owen. (She doesn't have my Fisher Price A frame house but she has my sister's potty chair!) Last night I bought a seat to put over the big potties. He's using it at home now. Hopefully it will work out and about too. He's getting good at holding it though. He didn't pee at all when we were at church yesterday. #2 yes. Pee, no. I still haven't figured out how to get him to do the #2 in the potty chair. He used to do it. When we first started potty training like 4 months ago. But now he won't do it.

Alright. Time to print birthday invitations. Hopefully the printer will cooperate.

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