Wednesday, April 22, 2009

I was up before the sun!!

Thanks to Owen, I was up at about 4:30am. And being me, I was unable to go back to sleep. So I got up and finished up Owen's birthday party invitations. All 4 of them. It's going to be a small party! 4 Kids, 9 adults, and some ear plugs. I got kazoos for the kids! My mom is thrilled!

After finishing the invitations I decided it looked nice enough out to go for a walk. Or the temp was right. Since it was still dark out. Morgan hadn't yet gotten up so I told him I was going for a walk. He presumed on the treadmill and I said no, outside. He requested that I take Ludwig. Since it was still dark, or somewhat dark. Ludwig and I had a nice walk. I'm sure he would have liked to sniff and pee on more things but there was walking to do.

Now I'm drinking a nice refreshing glass of water with Bragg's apple cider vinegar in it. It's a bit...vinegary, but supposedly it's supposed to be energizing. That's what the bottle says. I heard about it from my boss. Who is always telling me about some cleansing thing. I draw the line at her latest kick though. Sauerkraut. No thank you.

Today is a busy day. We have toddler class this morning. And then I'm working this afternoon. Morgan is going to a happy hour thing after work so it will just be O and I for the evening. We will have to find something fun to do.

I went to a girlfriend's house last night to find something pretty to wear to this benefit thing I'm going to on Friday. I came home with a couple options. Both are very nice outfits. It's just that I'm unhappy with what I have to put in the clothing! Ugh!

Oh, and I have to get cracking on some cleaning. The house is a mess and Morgan's mom arrives tomorrow. Nice of Morgan to be out all night!

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noeliaevangelista said...

Good for you for going outside for a walk. I could never get up before 7am...not a morning person at all. Good luck with the cleaning, I've been having a clean house for a little while, it's probably got to do with the fact that Dan's out of town hehe.