Wednesday, August 06, 2008

A little husband post...

I found this tag on Lee's blog yesterday and although she didn't tag me I thought I'd post it here anyway! For S & G as Morgan would say. (Which is shits & giggles)

What is his name? Morgan or Daddy (by Owen!) or a variety of nicknames we have for him.

How long have you been married? 7 years on August 17th

How long did you date? 1 1/2 years

How old is he? 34 1 year and 4 days younger than I am.

Who eats more? He does. He can out eat me any day. I joke that we can't afford to have another child because we won't be able to feed it.

Who said I love you first? I believe that was me. He was a little overwhelmed but eventually he realized I was right about us being meant for each other. He was a slow learner.

Who is taller? Morgan is. By about 8 inches.

Who sings better? I'm sure he does. But it wouldn't matter you wouldn't be able to hear me over his singing anyway. He loves to sing. LOUD! Even if he doesn't know all the words. He'll just make some up.

Who's temper is worse? Definitely mine. It takes a lot to get Morgan mad.

Who does the laundry? Me. I do it the right way.

Who pays the bills? I do. Morgan could probably do it now but when we met he was very absent minded about his finances.

Who cooks dinner? Mostly Morgan. He loves to cook. And eat. I don't love to cook. Just eat. But I can cook when I have to.

Who mows the lawn? Morgan. Although he did show me how to use the new lawn mower and I did one side of the yard all on my own. So I can do that too if I have to.

Who wears the pants in the family? We share them. No one should have the majority of the power in a relationship all the time.


Lee said...

Great to learn a bit more about you and your honey ;)

Colleen said...

Love this idea and what a great base for a layout too!

Linda said...

I loved reading your answers, lol about the laundry comment. My dh is only 'allowed' to wash his clothes and linens, too many mishaps when he tries to help me with that.

toners said...

Love it! What a great way to share about you and your DH!