Monday, August 13, 2007

Hello Monday!

I don't really have a good topic today. Just a bunch of stuff. So first I'll start with my new camera bag. It's a Crumpler Six Million Dollar Home. I had been looking for a new bag for my SLR. I was using an old LowePro fanny pack that the minolta film camera was in. It served the purpose but was not the least bit attractive. I am not a fanny pack toting kind of girl. It's against all the rules of fashion. We saw the Crumpler bags at National Camera a couple weeks ago and decided that I would save some money and use my gift certificate from the photo contest to buy it. This weekend they had a tent sale! So the bag was 30% off and then I used my gift certificate and only had to use a bit more cash to pay for it. I also got an extra memory card for 50% off! It took me forever to decide what color to get. And I probably would have gone with the brown bag with green inside but they didn't have it in the bigger size. So it was between red with a blue inside and a dusty purple/blue with bright orange inside. I stood there and looked at them forever. And finally called Morgan to have him weigh in. He said red. Which I was leaning toward because I didn't like the orange inside of the other one. I think red was a good choice. It will work for both of us. I would imagine that Crumpler sells lots of bags to women because they are the most stylish. The other bags are not so attractive. I think you should be able to find a bag that is attractive and functional. So now my camera is cozy in a nice red bag.

Yesterday evening Morgan, Owen and I went for a bike ride. Or rather, I biked, Morgan roller skied. Morgan is a cross country skier and in the off season (which is a lot of months in MN lately!) he roller skis. If you've never seen this before it's rather interesting. And lots of people haven't so he gets a lot of looks. Last night one little girl yelled "HEY YA'LL!! LOOK AT THAT!!!" As she pointed to Morgan rolling by on the street. And then I started to pay attention to all the looks he got. And it was a lot. Even dogs were staring at him! He didn't have his poles with him yesterday but it's even more interesting when he does. He left them at home so as to try to equalize our speeds. I'm certain his goal is to kill me with exercise. I am trying to keep up with him while pulling the trailer with Owen in it! UP HILLS! LOTS OF HILLS! And after like the 5th big hill I got pissed. First, Morgan has a tendency to take the long way. Sometimes we get lost. This time it was just the LONG HILLY WAY! I like a good workout but when my heart rate monitor reads 170 and I can't pedal because I can't feel my legs I get pissed. I had to walk up a couple of hills which seemed a bit harder because of the wobbly legs! Owen is a good passenger but he's getting heavier! We finally got up a big hill and Morgan says, "I guess I take this way for roller skiing because I like the hills!" GOOD FOR YOU!! I also mouthed some expletives (so Owen couldn't hear) and made a hand gesture to show my gratitude.

I feel better for having done the work I just wish it wasn't always so darn hard! And I can handle a good workout but Morgan just likes to add a level of difficulty to it that I wouldn't other wise choose!


Leah said...

Men! plain and simple ;)
Love your new crumpler, I heard they had some in Circuit City for a good deal, I need to check mine. Owen is a little cutie, love your digital layouts!

Anonymous said...

way to be fashion forward! no one should ever have a fanny pack!(unless you wore mom jeans and embroidered sweatshirts then there is little hope for any style progress!)Go Heather! next thing will be tattoos!
Peace Pam

Latharia said...

That bag looks awesome! :) Ours is very dumpy, by comparison!

Miranda said...

Well, Matt should go with Morgan cos that kid rides like 10-12 miles in a shot, I'm good for like 2 times around the big block..I'm a wimp and not afraid to say it! I like the bag, its cool!

Noelia said...

Love that crumpler bag...I'm so jealous ;)