Wednesday, August 15, 2007


The thing about creativity, at least for me, is the way it feels. It manifests itself like a bit of agitation. A wiggly feeling in my tummy. Like all the ideas are churnning in there wanting to be free. To be created or worked out. And sometimes there are just too many. Too many to get out all at once. And I'm not a one craft person. You know what I mean? I don't just sew. Or stamp. Or scrap. And a lot of times the ideas for one leach over into the other. Like food on a plate touching and then mingling and then becoming an entirely different dish. How peanut butter and chocolate got together and made a peanut butter cup. And if you don't love those, well, then there's something seriously wrong with you. (My father-in-law, who I think the world of, is one of those people. And I just don't get it!)
So that's me in a nut shell right now. Churning with creativity. In a mortgage office!
And Here's 10 random things about me. Read this on Bonnie Rose's blog. Thought it would be fun to share since it's my blog, the one place where it's all about me! At least once in awhile....
1. I am not quite 5 feet tall. Although my license says I am. Because the lady asked me (when I was 16) how tall I was and had already written down the 5 when I started telling her. She said I was close enough. And ever since then, I have been!
2. When I was really young and heard a siren I would run to my grandpa's chair. He was usually sitting in it, but if he wasn't I jumped up in the chair. It was the safe place for me when I heard sirens. I don't know how it started or why but I just remember running to him and the chair. It was always in the same corner, until they moved, and it was a good place. When I hear sirens now I still think of that safe place.
3. I don't like mouth noises. I dislike being around people who chew with their mouths open or who slurp. It drives me nuts. And here's the kicker. Morgan makes a lot of noise when he eats. I don't know what the deal is with his mouth but he claims the food needs air. This is complete BS. AND there are several other members of his family who are noisy eaters too. Holidays are a trip for me. In more ways than one.
4. I was the president of a sorority when I was in college.
5. Before I decided to be a teacher I wanted to be an attorney.
6. I have always wanted to be famous so I could be on the Tonight Show. I loved Johnny.
7. When I was younger (before college) I wanted to be a Rockette. I remember telling someone this, a girl in my class, in probably 5th grade, and she said "You know they have to dance naked, don't you!?" I was a bit mortified. However, my dream to be a Rockette died. Due to random thing #1.
8. I'm very proud of my mom. She's been through some crap in her life but has never played the victim. I learned that from her. It could be why I'm not a sympathetic person.
9. I never thought I'd be a mama. Really. I didn't. Morgan knew this from the beginning. I told him if I changed my mind I'd let him know. And I did so I told him. And now we have Owen. I don't change my mind a lot. Ask any previous student of mine. But this time I'm glad I did. It's the best change of mind and heart I've ever had.
10. I love to dance. I spent years dancing. And I wish I hadn't stopped.
11. (just to be different!) I love art. All kinds of art. And I believe everyone is creative in some way. They just need to find it. It kills me when my mom says she's not creative. Because it's just not true. And then there is my sister who fakes it till she makes it and you'd just never know. We've all got a little perfectionism in us. I love you both!
And on another note. Last night Morgan went out to move our cars. We have a single car garage and a single lane driveway. So he was moving his car out, pulling mine up, and pulling in behind me. Mine was on the street from when he moved it to get out when he went to work. Clear as mud, right?? Anyway, he gets in his car to move it and notices the back door passenger side window is broken. Some (insert a lot of expletives here) broke into his car in OUR DRIVE WAY! While we were home! (more bad words) I'm still mad about it. I can't believe people sometimes. I mean seriously. Why would someone come into our yard while we are home and try to break into his car. First of all, mine was right one the street! His is a wagon. A wagon! Who breaks into a wagon! The only thing in it were his crappy ski poles. And they didn't take them. So now we have to have it fixed. Luckily we have full glass coverage. I thought the deductible was going to kick in so we'd just end up paying it. Which I was even more mad about.
So rule #1 don't break into someone's car! Duh??? People have to be told this stuff! I just don't get people. #2 don't do it in their driveway like 20 feet from their house! #3 Seriously, there have to be rules about this stuff??? What is wrong with people!?
Okay, I'm done. Breaks over.


toners said...

OMG! Mean people are the worst.... and I loved your random list of 10 things!

BonnieRose said...

you are right Heather, your blog is about you.... so glad u shared! so fun to read! hugs