Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Oh Look! I'm behind...

So much for posting daily in December. I made it one day. One day of a daily post. Don't worry though, we've been busy enjoying the season. Here's my recap of days 6-14. 

12/6 The Christmas tree is up!! We are very heavy on the bottom 1/2 of the tree this year. O had a great time decorating.

12/6 We added a little tree to the Lego display.

Our Little People nativity set is all arranged.

Owen's Christmas stocking and on the shelf with it is the most wonderful smelling pine candle.

12/7 presents under the tree.

12/7 Owen sporting a mustache! He was singing a song about a mustache so I broke out my stick on mustaches for him to play with!

12/8 I created an outdoor pot for outside of our breezeway door. It makes me happy every time I come home!

12/8 A new ornament from Santa. Toosy inspected our tree and declared it festive and sparkly!

12/8 Toosy taking a break in one of my ornament jars.

12/9 Our first batch of holiday cookies. These are made with a peppermint kiss in the middle. My friend Jen has dubbed them Dr. Seuss cookies.

12/10 The lego set got a new guy who got a fishing pole and a fire.

12/11 Owen at lunch at Culver's. His Christmas program was that morning! He was a sheep.

12/11 We had a little home improvement time on Sunday. It was supposed to be just a parts replacement but ended up being a new toilet!

Toosy left Owen a message on the chess board.
Our days have been filled with work and school and homework and family time. Last night I went out with some ECFE friends. It was lovely to catch up. On Sunday Naunee came to visit and brought Owen the cutest Christmas pillow case and a felt ornament for me. Saturday night I had book club with some girlfriends and Owen and Morgan went to a spanish party. O had a great time. Tonight we are just enjoying a quiet evening at home.


Miranda said...

That picture of him with the moo-stash makes me laugh every darn time I see it!

emily said...

I love the little people nativity! I have been wanting to get a Playmobiles one but I might like your version better!