Monday, December 05, 2011

December 5th

It was back to school and work for all of us today. Mondays are one of my two job days. I work in one department in the morning and another in the afternoon. Things have been slowing down in both departments the last few weeks and I'm okay with that. I had lunch with my morning boss and our processor (it was her birthday) and that was nice. Then I left early to do a little shopping during which I ran into Owen's preschool teacher. I was so excited. Jen & I have been trying to get together with her for a few months now but our schedules just haven't aligned. Then after I picked the boys up from the bus stop we visited at O's buddy's house for a bit, which is always nice. 

 Morgan moved my bike inside and hooked it up to the trainer so my morning workout was on that while I watched the news. A nice change from the treadmill.
The Lego set for the day was another part to the police station.

In the evening I had bible study at church, which has been a nice addition to my weekly schedule and then a little shopping afterward. All in all not a bad Monday.

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Miranda said...

You guys have been doing a lot lately :)