Monday, November 29, 2010

A poor neglected blog...

My poor little neglected blog. If you are a regular reader here (are there any left!?) I apologize! This fall I realized I am a working mama and some things fell by the wayside. My blog was one of those things. I write on it a lot in my head. But I don't think there is good technology for getting my thoughts onto the blog without me having to do more than think about it! And I write really well while I'm lying in bed trying to fall asleep. And some nights I'm tempted to get up and write but then I won't get any sleep at all. This night might be going in that direction too.

Owen is busy enjoying preschool and many other adventures that befall a 4.5 year old boy. He's busy planning for Christmas. Mostly wishing for everything he sees. It will be hard work this Advent season directing and teaching him about the reason and meaning of the season rather than focusing on the gifts. It is very important to us that he have some understanding of what the meaning is. It is so easy for children to get caught in the whirlwind of commercialism and want given their self-centered natures already!

He is also loving the snow. Although after tonight it will be mostly gone. We've had about 6 inches I believe but it was warm and rainy today which isn't good for accumulation. It's inevitable now though, there will be more!

Now that Owen is in preschool I am working 3 days a week. It's only 1 day more than I had been working but I had always considered myself a stay home mama with an unimportant part-time job. Now that part-time job, while still part-time, has become much more demanding and important. I am happy to have a job and a boss I like and who appreciates me but I was quite overwhelmed this fall when I realized I was a working mom and I had a lot more to juggle now. Then add a small but growing photography business on top of everything and I was just not prepared with all I had on my plate! It's good preparation for next year when O begin s Kindergarten though. Which I can't believe is going to be happening. Life really just keeps hurdling forward whether we are ready and willing or not.

I am almost a year behind on my scrapbooking. It's not for a lack of trying. It's mostly due to a lack of creativity and time. I've done two retreats this year and that is when I've done all my scrapbooking. The first one in the spring I finished up my pages for 2009 and started on 2010. At the fall retreat I putzed around on 3 mediocre layouts. So not like how I was working on pages last year! And I felt like I had a lot of boring or lack luster photos for pages too. I was just not inspired by the pictures I had. From the pictures I had it appeared we are a rather boring little family! I want to work more on recording memories too which sometimes doesn't involve a photograph. Maybe that will be a challenge for 2011. And maybe 2010 will have fewer and scaled back layouts!

Now that it's past my bedtime I will leave you with a little picture of O enjoying the snow!


rachel whetzel said...

Still here!! lol I totally get how life can block your blogging. lol But I have you on reader, so no matter how often you post, I read. :)

Anonymous said...

I'd far rather a poor neglected blog than a poor neglected Heather! I'm still here, of course :) Glad to hear all is going well. I miss the Owen Adventures - but happy the snow is with you and not up here, yet. As for the scrapbooking? There is no other way than behind, is there?

Naun said...

You think your blog is neglected? Have you been to mine? I think my last post was Halloween of 2008.. I think I started one but blogger was being goofy so I saved it and never went back to it...... At least you have a valid excuse.. me I have no reason.. if anything I could have been doing like 20 posts a day...Oh well I still read your blog!