Tuesday, May 04, 2010

The contents and a treat...

Noelia posted a fun little post about the contents of her purse. I enjoyed this little bit of voyeurism so I thought I'd share mine with you. (It needed a good going through anyway!)

From top left:
  • My handy notepad. I can't be without one.
  • Cash from my last portrait session waiting to be deposited at the bank.
  • A Trader Joe's receipt, a list of reminders and under those the coupon for Owen's free birthday ice cream at Cold Stone Creamery.
  • Tissue
  • My funky pink wallet
  • My phone
  • A little bottle of TUMS
  • Burt's Bees Tinted lip stuff
  • My funky coin pouch that I use to hold my calculator and various business card sized cards. (My sister made it for me!)
  • My other cute notepad and pen. (A gift from my friend BJ) I have a list of books in it right now.
  • Pill keeper that needs to be refilled
  • A tape measure. Another item I cannot be without.

And speaking of Trader Joe's, I have a little treat I need to share. These are my current favorite chocolate obsession.

Tiny little peanut butter cups one can eat by the handful. A dangerous thing in our house! But they are delightful!


noeliaevangelista said...

ohhh I love all the colourful contents of your purse. Your little green notebook stole my heart too cute! Funny thing is this...your cell looks exactly like the phone I used to have and lost therefore I had to replace it with my now "old and crusty cell" that Dan makes fun of.

P.S So happy that your turning your talents into an income for your family. That must feel really good!

noeliaevangelista said...

P.P.S Your post reads 0 comments, yet I have commented yesterday...that is weird?

Oh and Dan carries a Man Purse hahaha! jk

Kristen said...

I will have to try those pb cups. Trader joes is right down the street!
I love the contents of your purse too fun!

I commented on your other blog, I was just roaming, and then I realized you haven't posted since 2007! Funny, on my part!

Have a great night!