Saturday, December 19, 2009

Six days until Christmas...

5 until Christmas Eve. Owen is beyond excited! But he is very patient too. Probably because he's been waiting so long that he's just forgotten about asking about it. He began asking questions after Thanksgiving when the neighbors started putting holiday lights in their yards. He wanted to know why, "we don't have any Christmas". We don't put lights in the yard so he thought we weren't having Christmas.

Morgan likes to take the decorating slowly so we didn't put the tree up until last weekend. I had started with other decorations the previous couple of weeks though. It would be easier for me to do it myself but we keep all the decorations in the attic and that is not a place that is easily accessible for me!

Here is our tree after getting ornaments on Monday night.
And one of my favorite glass ornaments. We are mostly finished with our gift shopping. Just a thing or two left. Morgan made two loaves of Stollen today and they are baking in the oven right now. I have some baking to do also but probably won't start on that until Morgan gets the kitchen back in order from the Stollen!

I was wrapping gifts today and Owen was working in my craft room with me. He loves to "work" in there. Which mostly means cutting up paper or using my punches. Today I got out my old fiskars trimmer for him to use. He was having a grand time cutting paper. Then he made a present for my friend Maggie. More cutting of paper and lots of tape.

Morgan is on vacation until after Christmas. Should be interesting having him around the house during the day. We haven't been home together like this since before we bought the house. When he takes vacation we usually go somewhere. But he has a lot of time to use up or he would lose it. Should be interesting!


jillconyers said...

Beautiful usual :)

When Alec and Alyssa were younger they loved playing in my studio...glue, paper, scissors. Now, it is either to just chat with me or to do a school project/assignment.

Hope Morgan enjoys his vacation :)

emily said...

Your tree is so pretty! Enjoy your time together....

Janet said...

Love those pictures...just magical! Hope you have a wonderful Christmas, Heather!